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Why Women Fake It

So, here is the skinny. If you are a man, it is almost a certainty that any women you've been with has faked an orgasm: definitely with someone, probably with you. A recent study carried out by scientists at the University of Leeds found that 81% of women admitted to faking an orgasm.

the mysterious female orgasm
Are you wondering why she fakes it?

So, you might find yourself asking 'why would she lie to me?' Well, just like relationships, sex can be a complex interaction. Consequently, the reasons a woman might fake it are varied and multi-faceted. However, if you want to get closer to some real connection and mind-blowing sex with the women in your life, it is a good idea to become familiar with these reasons.

The more you understand, the less she'll feel the need to fake. So, if understanding and improvement is your bag, read on!

Reason 1: She Does it to Save Your Feelings

Let's start with one of the most common and kindhearted of reasons. Sometimes (and we are talking every now and again here) you can do everything absolutely correct and still, your lady friend is unable to cross the finish line.

Now, she doesn't want you to feel unrewarded for all your effort and smooth moves. This is not just simply born out of a desire to spare your ego either. If you are doing all the things that normally drive her into a frenzy, that is the kind of behaviour she wants to reinforce with some positive feedback.

So, a little vocal acrobatics come into play and she does her best Meg Ryan impression to end things on a high note.

Reason 2: She's Just Not Feeling it Tonight

Seems like an obvious one but it's still worth mentioning. Sometimes, the headache is real and not just an excuse to keep reading her book. Sometimes, all the oral work in the world won't overcome the stomach cramp that has been at her all day.

In these circumstances, women will often fake an orgasm just to bring things to a conclusion in a way that keeps you happy and allows her to go back to dealing with the pain!

bad mood influences her
Sometimes is just not a good day...

Reason 3: Because You Like It!

This one's a biggie and worth understanding if you want to start providing your little lady with some genuine satisfaction more often. One of the main findings of the University of Leeds study into fake orgasms is that women often use a fake vocal orgasm to control the timing and intensity of a mans orgasm.

They found that men tend to thrust more deeply and quickly in tandem with a woman's mounting vocal indications of pleasure. What this means, in essence, is that one of the main reasons the female fake orgasm has become so prevalent is that the act of her orgasm, real or otherwise, has such a profound effect on the man's likelihood of orgasm.

Given that there is such a profound interlink between the two events, and yet such a profound disparity between the ease with which men and women orgasm, it is hardly surprising that women often fake climax to help things along and enhance a man's pleasure during orgasm.

Reason 4: Because She Likes It!

This reason is closely like to the last reason. Because the act her faking it has such an strong impact on how he builds towards and experiences his orgasm, women have naturally evolved a healthy enjoyment of that power.

Women get a thrill out of being able to control their man's orgasm and they enjoy the challenge of seeing how excited they can get their man.

In addition, the performance itself can be an enjoyable act for women, allowing them to explore their sexual personae in a way that is a step above the more primal levels of sexual stimulation.

Reason 5: You've Been Together Forever

Familiarity breeds comfort but eats away at intense sexual attraction. If you have got into a routine with your sex life, it can sometimes be a challenge for her to get excited in the same way.

Of course, this is also partly a numbers problem. If she is less likely to orgasm than you by a certain ratio, that ratio is going to become more apparent the more times you have sex.

So, Now You Know the Reasons, What Can You Do?

Easiest answer: Take what you've learned and evolve! The common thread running through all the reasons given above is a lack of honesty and communication between both parties.

What is ironic is that, while fake orgasms might seem like a useful tool for women in the short term, they actually go against their best interests in the long run. This is mainly due to miscommunication and false feedback.

the woman's orgasm's impact on the man's
You might want to understand what really pushes the right buttons!

If her man is doing something that does not turn her own or is not pleasurable for her, yet she fakes an orgasm to 'get things over with', then her man is more likely to repeat that behaviour because she has given him positive feedback.

Over time this can lead to profound misunderstandings in a relationship about what gives each partner pleasure.

If you want to break this cycle you need to take the lead. The first step is to make her see that you prioritize honesty more than an ego boost. Naturally, this will require you to leave your ego out of the equation a bit more.

Honest feedback about sexual pleasure between partners can be hurtful and disappointing to begin with, but as you both start to get a better understanding of what really pushes the right buttons, you will start to build in her more confidence to express what she really wants. We predict that this will be the point where the sex starts to get really wild.

One Last Point

Like we mentioned already, sometimes your lady likes the act of faking it for the thrill it gives her to turn you on and for its own sake.

Our recommendation is that you don't get so laser focused on total honesty during sex that you cut yourselves off from the mutual benefits of a fake orgasm every once a while!

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