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Why Guys Get Used Panties and Undies for Themselves

Interestingly, a number of people find the odor of used panties arousing. Men are reported to even buy some for themselves; of course to masturbate over and sniff! There are various online sites where people purchase this garment.

hot lady using her sport undies
Some sniffers are willing to spend more on top quality panties.

Despite appearing a little more like a taboo, it’s natural and there’s no point in denying that used pants fetish is real and here to stay. However, everyone has his own specifications. The various types of used panties commonly sold include.

  1. Panties with Skid Marks: Some men are willing to pay for undies with poop smears on them. It’s definitely weird but real!
  2. Undies She has Worn for Some Time: For the panty to develop the desired aroma, you’ll get some men asking for panties worn for a certain number of days. Panty sniffers are willing to pay fortunes for these!
  3. Doing Specified Adventures in Said Panties: Some sniffers are willing to spend more on top quality panties which to them, have experienced some adventures. You’ll hear of things like sleeping in panties overnight, carrying out workouts in the undies or even having sex in them too!

What You Need to Know About Selling Used Panties

Making money by selling smelly undies is real. Perhaps you’ll want to check out a few facts if you’re considering this career.

Always Keep Your Identity a Secret

One secret of succeeding in making it in used panty fetish is keeping your identity anonymous! You’ll definitely keep off stalkers from ruining your life. When you keep your face and location a secret, you’ll definitely keep it to the ‘business’.

sexy lady keeping anonymous when selling her undies
Keep your identity anonymous!

This raises a lot of suspense on the client end who won’t give up buying several bunches in trying to get to you.

Treating Repeat Clients

When guys get your panties, they’ll definitely die to meet you. This can be a good and bad thing at a go; depends on how you approach it. However, irrespective of how many sales you’ve made with the client, you’ll want to keep your identity a secret.

Secondly, avoid any discussion that might drive to making the deliveries yourself. Third, you’ll want to use a faux-named PayPal account for your payment. Lastly, ensure you’ll not put a return address on the party package.

Some Might Try to Drag You Into Sex Trade

Irrespective of the options you use to sell your undies, you’ll always have some creep who are interested in something more than the used panties; maybe a one-night stand. That’s normal!

In fact, a big percentage of girls are forced into sex trade. Well, unless you’re into sex chat rooms or are actually looking for a fuck buddy, you’ll want to keep off such clients.

There’s High Competition

Currently, many girls have learned how to make fortunes with their smelly undies. Unfortunately, they’re more than willing to go above and beyond just to make several sales. Learn how to play the market safely.

You can try tipping a dirty chat to the two-day yoga panty or even that you’ve slept or had sex in!

How to Sell your Used Smelly Undies?

If you’re a newbie and are wondering how to get into the market, do not panic. Of course, you can’t just go set a shop and make a big pink writing that you’re selling your used undies! That’s hilarious.

woman in undies getting intimate with her partner
The buyers will want to know what you did with your undies!

However, you can really make fortunes similar or even more by natural means. Below are steps to selling your smelly and used panties.

Join a Platform

Fortunately, the internet is flooded with sites you can buy or sell used panties. You can take some time to check how the various sites are selling; just to secure the best market for your undies.

Of course, since selling them yourself is the hardest thing to do, turning to the online market is a better alternative.

Make an Outstanding Advert of Your Used Panties

Many women find it quite difficult to market themselves in a way that makes them stand out in the market.

Keep in mind: there are other girls who are also after selling their used undies. Make every effort in ensuring you’re the best.

Make the advert more enticing and catchy. How about taking some photos with the panty on? You’ll definitely make more direct clients and record more sales. After all, making more sales is obviously everyone’s preference.

Make Effort of Offering ‘EXTRAS’

Another thing you’ll want to take into consideration when selling your undies is “extras”. Well, every sniffer is always looking for more than just a used panty. That’s alright. A lot of buyers will definitely have some super specific requests.

Of course, some of them are weird, others are gross; obviously, some of them you won’t want to do. However, consider that they all pay way more than standard panties.

Don’t be surprised to get orders with unusual requests such as skid marks, period stains or even peeing in the panties. Despite sounding nasty to you! That’s alright.

Remember: You’re providing an adult service to your clients who of course, are more than willing to pay dearly for. If it’s something you can do, how about making the fortune? Otherwise, you can politely decline that you can’t just bring yourself to accommodate.

Run it as a Business

Keep in mind: This is a business like any other. Work smart! Some creeps will probably want to have your undies for free. Hence, you’ll want to keep off a lot of negotiations.

For instance, when a person asks you for 50 pairs of undies but insists on a description of every pair, you’ll probably end up in a dirty chat and finally get off with your undies for free.

Lastly, ensure you’re paid first before dispatching your undies. Some of this clients talk a mean game and promise you the world; only to disappear in the air.

woman selling her used panties
You can make fortunes with your smelly undies!

Despite appearing a little weird, it’s definitely as easy as that. How about taking some time to condition yourself and accept the crazy kink? After all, you’ll be making fortunes just by not washing your undies!

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