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The Science of Flirting

It’s true: They’ve done the studies, and the results are in. There are five different basic styles when it comes to flirting. They correspond to different personality types, and what the end goal is.

guy sealing it with a kiss
If he keeps looking at your lips, he might seal it with a kiss.

Here’s a look at how to recognize them, and what to expect, whether you are the one flirting or the object of their attention.

#1 The Slow Courtship

This style can also be thought of as the "polite" style of flirting. This type of flirting works when you have time. Lots of time. What you look to do is build up a solid friendship underneath the attraction you feel for the other person.

Now: this type of flirtation usually works, because it's based on solidity. Building a friendship means showing qualities like loyalty, a willingness to be patient, and listen rather than be the one talking all the time.

Since it works on a gradual, slow burn, this flirting style often pays off with a long term relationship for the patient flirter.

#2 Old School

Old school flirting sticks to traditional roles for men and women. The boys make the first move, but it's the girls that offer an invitation based on how they react.

That means eye contact, body language, and other more subtle cues.

Really, this type of flirting is just reenacting the age old chase. The female side of the equation plays a little hard to get, and the male side works with persistence and patience. Despite our modern times, this flirting style is still very much on the table.

There's something about the chase that appeals to people across generations. Want to know the best part? This type of flirting style can result in anything from a one night stand to a committed relationship.

Pro Tip: Nail it with the Old School Flirt

If you're the male half of this equation, be prepared to be patient, and pony up for at least one drink to get your offer on the table.

#3 Sincerely

This style of flirting may sometimes looks playful, or even old school. What distinguishes it is the intent - this is about establishing a real connection, not something quick and easy. A sincere style of flirting usually involves conversation.

They want to really get to know the object of their attention, and that means opening up a conversation that could lead to anything.

This type of flirt makes direct eye contact, and pays real attention to what the other person is saying.

Now: sincere doesn't necessarily mean the person is looking for a long term relationship. They may be very sincere about their desire for a one night stand. It's just that they are looking for a real connection rather than a superficial one, whether that ends up as just one night or much, much longer.

playful flirt man trying to get her
Laugh is already a great connection, so keep on in that direction!

#4 Playtime

A playtime flirt is, in a word, playful. They make flirting into a game that's fun for both sides. They use corny pick-up lines with a big smile that invites the other person to laugh at the corniness.

They'll offer an unusually worded compliment that elicits a chuckle. They're full of jokes, and their first goal is to make the object of their attention laugh, because they know that a laugh is already a great connection.

The playtime flirt is out for one thing: fun. They like things light and easy and love a spontaneous one night stand or possibly a fuck buddy for occasional fun.

Pro Tip: For a Good Playtime Flirt

Try adding a literary or artistic reference to your pick-up lines - as long as you can do it without sounding too pretentious. You'll appeal to their brainy as well as their humourous side.

#5 Body Positive

A physical flirt is the person who'll touch your shoulder or arm constantly. They'll circle your bar stool as they talk and laugh.

Basically, this is a person who wears what they feel. You'll be able to gauge just how interested they are in their subject by their body language.

They'll be smiling from ear to ear. They'll nod every time the other person speaks. It's hard not to be swept up in their obvious enthusiasm and attraction, and that's how this flirting style works - by essentially overwhelming their chosen subject with attention.

Beginner's Tip: Managing The Body Positive Flirt

If you are this type of flirt, then what you'll want to work on is developing your conversational style so you can impress the object of your attention on two fronts at once.

Since it's based on a physical style,this type of flirting often results in hot nights and casual sex relationships.

girl playfully shushing the man flirting with her
Realize the enthusiasm and attraction of someone flirting back at you.

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