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How Virtual Sex Toys Can Keep Long-Distance Relationships as Intimate as Ever

Sometimes, even the most romantic relationships can be severed by geography, as people have to move for work, or students cross the oceans learning new skills. In the past, this often meant disaster for sexual intimacy.

long distance relationship getting intimate
Don't let geography get between you and your sex life!

Sure, partners could write erotic letters and exchange their emotions in words, or they could talk on the phone, but the erotic charge of actually being with each other was absent.

Often, this would lead to relationships falling apart, no matter how in love the partners were before distance intervened. However, things have changed, and distance doesn’t have to mean disaster anymore. Thanks to technology, lovers can arouse each other and be intimate even when they are on opposite sides of the world. Read on to find out how innovation is making romance bloom, wherever partners live.

Welcome to the Exciting World of Remote Controlled Sex Toys

One of the most amazing areas of erotic innovation in recent years has been in the field of remote controlled sex toys. Also known as “teledildonics” (not a scientific term), these toys are becoming cheaper and kinkier all the time.

Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories: toys designed for long distance lovers, and toys that work on a smaller scale (say, if partners have to sleep in separate rooms at a friends house, or if they are in a social situation and feel the need for some concealed sexy fun).

Smaller scale toys are probably the best known with remote controlled vibrators becoming ever more sophisticated. Some of these vibrate in time to music, so you can create playlists and send them to your partner, who then experiences your music selections in a completely new way.

Other devices now offer versions prostate massages for men, while remote controlled beads and rings are all available. However, while they are great fun to play around with, they may not revolutionize the way you interact.

Use Teledildonics to Make Long Distances Disappear

The most promising use of teledildonics is in long-distance applications. For example, some devices can be hooked up to smartphone apps which enable partners to stimulate each other across thousands of miles.

As each partner lies in bed, they can stroke and play with each other, bringing them to genuine climaxes and heights of erotic passion that were previously only made possible by actually being there in person. Technology has made intimacy possible in wholly new ways, allowing people to keep the erotic bond that ties them together nice and strong, wherever they travel.

So if you are planning to be separated for long periods, check out what teledildonics can do for you. You may be surprised, and it could save your relationship.

What About More Advanced Sex Simulators?

Most currently available teledildonic devices are actually fairly simple. When you get down to it, they are really just glorified vibrators which vibrate at the press of a button. That button could be pressed in Beijing or Rio de Janeiro, but it’s still just the press of a button, so there’s a limit to how complex and natural long-distance sex can be.

But what if you could buy devices that allowed each partner to transmit their body movements in intimate detail, effectively creating a form of international intercourse? It’s definitely possible, but it’s still not quite been achieved.

However, there are some contenders. For instance, there are these devices (Max and Nora), that include sensors which map the movement of each partner and allow you to feel how your lover is moving.

In theory, you can tell when his penis is in contact with your clitoris, and how hard or rhythmic his thrusts are. At the same time, a video chat feed enhances the experience via a Skype-style service (or Skype itself). As I say, it’s great in theory, but reviews have been mixed.

Still, if you want to sample the most advanced form of long-distance kinkiness, Max and Nora are right up there.

Isn’t VR Sex Just Over the Horizon?

If you have tried Oculus Rift or other forms of VR technology, you’ll probably be asking a question that most people think about: why aren’t we all having full-on VR sex with each other, or virtual partners?

Theoretically, we should be able to inhabit virtual bedrooms (or any other kinky space) with our virtual lovers.

These avatars could be almost indistinguishable from real life bodies, and their movements could be mapped down to the merest stroke or wink. But, as any VR enthusiast will admit, that kind of tech isn’t about to arrive. It’s just too demanding for current systems to handle.

What we have seen are products like “VR sex suits” which allow guys to enter virtual beds with digital models. But these are miles away from actually engaging with a real person on the other side of the world.

Still, given the pace of technological change and the undeniable appetite for kinky virtual fun, you can guarantee that people will try. So watch this space. It will happen, just not soon.

Ways to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship as Kinky as Possible

So far we’ve talked about a few ways that technology is offering new ways for lovers to interact, despite massive distances between them.

But here's the difficulty: This is a new erotic frontier, and it won’t necessarily be easy to recreate the connection that you had in person, before you were separated.

some VR Sex
VR Technology can offer you, your own kinky space.

So what can you do to make sure the chemistry doesn’t disappear? The first thing to do is to not lose hope. There are all sorts of ways to stay in touch and arouse each other from afar. And keep an open mind about technology. Some people see teledildonics as a step too far.

They might not feel comfortable with sex toys on general, let alone ones that involve video sex and remote vibration. If you want to succeed in long-distance arousal, you’ll need to chuck away these prejudices and embrace the technology at your disposal.

Used properly, teledildonic devices can recreate at least a tiny part of the special connection lovers have, and that tiny connection could be critical. Remember how fragile long distance love can be, and don’t throw it away by refusing to use the options that are on the table.

Use all of the Erotic Tools Life Hands You to Succeed in Long Distance Love

Long distance lovers should also combine the latest sexy technology with less sophisticated interactions, and here's why: For example, try to make some sexting part of your daily routine. Tell each other how much you yearn for their company, and how you feel about their body.

trying the new virtual sex toys
With these virtual sex toys, long distance will not be such a big deal anymore.

Send pics if that’s what turns your partner on– it helps to keep your presence in their mind and to steer them away from finding other people to satisfy their natural desire for intimacy. Use video conferencing tools like Skype, make sexy phone calls in discrete locations and write emails or letters that communicate the intensity of your emotions.

Put all of these methods together with remote controlled sex toys, and you should be able to neutralize the threat posed by long distances. Don’t assume it will be easy. Absence is a massive burden on couples, there’s no doubt about it.

But don’t despair! You can still arouse each other and have a sexual relationship, no matter where you are.

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