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10 Tips to Help You Approach the Girl You Like

Despite being handsome and with high self-esteem, getting a girl you like might not be easy. You might have read hundreds of books about women and even took advice from your peers and nothing has changed yet.

man using tips on what to say a girl you like
What you should say to a girl and win her heart?

In fact, you might have been turned down by several girls because you used the wrong approach. All is not lost as this guide is here to help you. Read on to see what you should say to a girl and win her heart.

#1 When Are You Free? I Would Love to Hit on You

This is a humorous and a direct statement as well. You can use it to break the ice without scaring her away. At first she might say no depending on her mood, but with time she will definitely fall for it.


If she says no, don’t get moody about it or get silent on her. Perhaps she had something else to do. Don’t bug her if she says no. Be a gentleman.

#2 What’s that Precious Thing you Would Salvage from a House Fire?

Most people like to talk about their lives and women are no exception. Let her talk about general things about her life. This way you will be a great listener and get to know about her. Maintain good eye contact while she is talking to you.

You can wink at her to see if she smiles.

#3 I Swiped Several Times, then I Found You

If you have been looking for a date online, you will bear witness that landing on a girl you like hasn’t been easy, and if you made it to get one, then the first date will be very special.

Then you should let her know that you feel special that she accepted your date.

#4 Can I Be of Help?

This is a show of kindness, but expect a no from some women. Sometimes women don’t like to bother men as they might be seen as desperate.


She might need your help, but may be feeling shy to ask for it. However, if she says no, don’t relent, make a move while you get a chance. You should softy insist on helping her even if she is not for it.

Remember you want to win her heart, therefore, you need to show lots of care and concern. If you get her carrying something, please relieve her.

#5 What Type of Dress Do You Love?

If you’re looking for a nice hook up, then you need to show her that you’re really interested in her. One way to do this is to ask about what she wears. Ask her why she loves a particular dress color.

confident man knowing what to say to a girl
Make her feel free with you by being funny and jovial.

You can even go a bit deeper and ask if she would wear that dress if you took her on a date. The answer will surprise you.

#6 What Song Would You Like I Play For You?

Music is food for the soul. Therefore, if your favorite girl loves music, you’re more likely to get a date. When you ask her about her favorite music, you’re simply asking her of her memorable days.

Be inquisitive be remember not to go overboard.

#7 Tell Her About Yourself

In as much as you would like to know more about her, remember that she also needs to know you. You need to make a connection at the first stage and let her know about you later. In the first portions of your engagement, she might not really be interested in knowing about you.

You need to approach this cautiously. First build a connection and make her feel free with you by being funny and jovial. If she realizes you’re interested in her, she will be keen to listen to you as tell her about yourself.

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#8 Appreciate Her Company

You need to tell her friendly words and flirt a bit. Let her know that she is all you ever wanted from a girl. Tell her how special her company is and that you couldn’t find it anywhere else.

This way, you’ll be hitting on her along with appreciating her company.

#9 Be a Cheerful Guy

Most girls feel comfortable being with a guy with a cheerful attitude and a sexy smile. If you are a slurry bad guy who likes sitting in a corner, you will attract just a handful of girls, but the very best ones will not wait for anyone forever.

You need to make a move and give her a sexy smile. This way you will be a few minutes to finding a real fuck buddy.

#10 Lose Your Eyes Into Hers

Stare into her eyes while she is talking to you. You can even stretch your lips a bit to make a sexy smile. You will appear like an awe to her, and that’s just perfect if you’re trying to woo her.

She needs to see that you’re mesmerized by her. This is a powerful secret weapon to win a girl’s heart.

handsome man got her into him
Stare into her eyes while she is talking to you!

If you really want to win a girl, you need to get out of her friend zone, and one way of doing this is to choose the right words to tell her. Show her that you don’t consider her as a friend the moment she begins to warn up to you.

She needs to see that you’re interested in dating her. Flirt with her if possible and you could win yourself a one night stand.

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