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Important Tips for Beginner Swingers

Bringing another couple into a relationship can be quite intimidating for couples not used to sharing. However, once all the details become clear, swinging can become something fun and exciting. It gives a sensual arousal that is hard to find elsewhere while staying faithful to your partner.

swinger couples talking and getting to know each other
Swinging is exciting, but also something that you rather ease into.

It is essential first to establish the comfort boundaries so that everyone gets the same level of fulfillment. To find out more details of what tips will make swinging a success, read on to find out.

1. Start Slowly

Like everything else in life, swinging is something that you should ease into if you do not want to be overwhelmed. Although it is exciting, jumping into everything too fast can be overwhelming. Even when your heart is fully into the partner swapping, it can still be emotionally turbulent.

For one, you may think that you are emotionally ready to see someone else touching your partner. It is only after the act begins that you realize it is something you cannot stomach. Easing into it means you could first start attending sessions without engaging in any sexual acts. For instance, you could just go there to watch.

During each session, ensure that you are a couple with who you are familiar. Ask them about all the questions you may have. In most cases, it would be best to attend a session with just two couples rather than attending a swingers' with as many as ten couples or more.

2. Swingers Should Operate at the Same Level

One point to keep in mind is that you should operate the same level as your partner. In most cases, check what your partner is doing. If he or she is having full on intercourse with a fellow swinger, proceed to do the same. However, if your partner appears only to be engaging in talking and light touching, try to do the same.

You may find that it leads to a tense night if, on your first few times, you appear to be having full on intercourse while your partner seems to keep their distance. Although it does not apply in all cases, it is a rule to keep in mind especially if your partner still expresses doubt about it.

3. Keep Your Feelings at Bay

After having an exhilarating sexual experience with a different person for the first time, you may be tempted to get attached. However, it is something that you should avoid at all times. If you feel yourself developing strong emotional ties to a fellow swinger, avoid meeting them for some time.

In most cases, your feelings of attachment will go unrequited. He or she already has a partner with whom they have a strong emotional bond. Feelings of affection among swingers usually develop the more they stay together. It is best to avoid meeting couples more than a few times. You should also mix things up by having many couples instead of just one.

It becomes easier to kill the emotional attachment when there are different couples involved. Always remember that swingers have experience in doing this. They may be uncomfortable doing it with you in future if you begin to express emotional attachment.

4. Never Do it Raw

Safe sex is the best option when you are swinging with couples. Although a couple may test negative during a session, you never know what kind of a bug they may have got from previous encounters. To ensure that you are safe, always use safe sex.

Besides that, it is essential to go for regular STD testing. It ensures that any bug you catch can be treated before it affects your sexual health and your ability to enjoy your swinging lifestyle.

5. Trying Reaching Out to Other First-Timers Online

The online swinging community has grown quite huge is recent years. Many reliable platforms cater to first-time swingers. Once you meet new swingers online, discuss your fears and hopes with them. It allows you to feel safe once you decide to hook up.

You will always find someone online who understands what it is that you need. As part of your online sexy chat, you may decide to meet up before your sexual encounter. It helps to create comfort for all of you.

6. Do not Be Afraid to Say It's Your Frist Time

When you go to a swingers' club, you will feel nervous the first time. However, if you tell one of the people there, they will be more than willing to help you.

They have also gone through that before, and they know just how to make you feel welcome.

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