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A Seafood Diet Can Help You Get Laid

They say music is the food of love. Maybe it is but then what exactly is the food of sex? And we're talking about actual food here, not abstract poetical metaphorical-type food.

happy couple having a seafood diet for getting laid
Fish, oysters, shrimps and more seafood for some quality-kinky-fun!

Well, recent research on the topic of sexually potent dishes (we're not sure who is actually commisioning these studies but keep 'em coming we say!) has revealed some interesting things about seafood that may explain why some of the world's greatest lovers enjoy a prawn or three with their evening meal (apparently it was Casanova himself who started the sex mystique surrounding oysters, regularly consuming them each morning).

So:Today we are going to give you the breakdown on why the fruits of the sea can lead to better sex and more of it!

But First: Warning from History

Now: as anyone who has visited a questionable gift store in a back alley whilst on holiday can attest, there are all sorts of snake oil merchants who will sell you all manner of creepy consumables with the assurance that they are a surefire cure for impotence and a guarantee of virility

Keep your eyes peeled for panda penis and rhino horn!

delicious seafood diet for getting laid
Shrimps whilst on holidays and getting laid.

In fact, this sort of shady practice has been going on pretty much since the first time Eve had to reassure Adam that it was very common, not a big deal and happened to a lot of guys (at which point Adam was heard to ask 'What do you mean, 'a lot of guys?').


We want to plant our flag in the ground and state clearly that what we say today about seafood is based on the science, the whole science and nothing but the science so help us God. Anyway, with that said, let's get on with the sexy stuff.

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What is it About Seafood?

The truth is, there is quite a lot in a seafood menu that lends itself to a better sexual experience.

  1. Oysters: They are high in zinc, which is vital for the production of testosterone, making for a more vigorous male all-around.
  2. Shellfish: In general it have been shown to have a positive effect on hormone regulation.
  3. Fish: Such as tuna and salmon contain the omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for good brain health and a positive mood.
woman holding wildly a fish with her teeth
Fish will bring you much more than OMEGA-3!

Remember, it's only one short step from 'in a good mood' to 'in THE mood' - N O T E - The use of capitals in the second one to denote the fact that we mean 'the SEXY mood'...just in case you missed it...

There are some other functional side effects that naturally lend themselves to the creation of a sexually charged environment. Regular consumption of seafood can boost your metabolism and help you drop weight.

Research has shown that body-confidence is inextricably linked to sexual arousal. In men, excess stores of fat can also lead to more estrogen production and a reduction in testosterone.


If you like to eat a fancy meal to put you and your partner in the mood for love, seafood is easier to digest than meat, meaning you are not feeling bloated when it is time to ignore the dishes and get straight down to business. Sexy business!

Do Seafood Consumers Get It on More than the Average Beef-eaters?

A recent study of 500 couples by the Harvard School of Public Health found that when both partners ate seafood on a given day, there was a 40% increase in the likelihood that they would have sex.

Now: admit it, if someone offered you a pill and said that if you take it you would almost double your chances of getting laid that night, you'd be scoffing those things faster than you can say 'rhino horn'. And seafood tastes way better than pills (and rhino horn...probably).


The same study found that regular seafood consumption also boosts the chances of conception, so keep that in mind the next time you one night stand after a feast of sushi, just in case you end up with something you didn't order from the menu!

naked woman with sushi on top
Some naked sushi perhaps...

Even Your Favourite Latin lover is Fueled by Seafare

If you need further evidence that sex and life are better with seafood, just take a look at the peoples and places in the world who consistently rank high on the list of the sexually satisfied.

  • SPAIN- A recent poll of 15,000 women ranked the Spanish man as the best male lover/fuck buddy in the world, and Spain just happens to be a country with a cuisine that features a strong seafood component (look out for seafood paella the next time you are in Barcelona).
  • ITALY- Another country known for its love affair with seafood, 64% of men and women reported that their sex life was of the satisfying variety.
  • GREECE- The Greeks have been chomping on sardine and squid and bantering about their sex lives since the time of Hippocrates, and Durex reckons that the Greek people have more sex than any other people on the planet, averaging around 165 'rolls in the hay' every year!

Ready, Set, Seafood, HOOKUP!

Bear in mind: No-one is saying that a couple of tins of tuna and you'll be banging like a bronco until the end of your days, but the science is in and there is little doubt that incorporating a few suitably sauteed sea creatures into your diet on a regular basis will see you feeling friskier, looking slimmer and going for longer when the lights are low and love-making is in the air.

horny couple hooking up after eating seafood
Eating seafood in aregular basis will see you feeling friskier.

Add in all of the additional health benefits that come with eating seafood and it's really surprising that we had to write a whole piece just to get you into the idea. What a waste!.

Seafood sells itself people!

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