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One Night Stands in Sydney

Heed the call of the wild and engage in some risqué behaviour with a one night stand in Sydney on Flirtfair!

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Vibrant nightlife and a youthful restaurant scene make perfect backdrop to the start of a sensual evening. Community members looking for one night stands in Sydney start off in casual, comfortable and confidential chat rooms and move the chemistry to any of Sydney’s eclectic coffeeshops and upscale lounges. From there, you both know where the night will progress and one thing is for sure: keeping an open mind and an eye for sexual adventure and a one night stand in Sydney is what beautiful singles on look for. It’s fun, easy and, in a matter of moments, you’ll be signing up for intense hook ups with daring partners looking for one night stands in Sydney. Whatever you desire you will find a significant other. Whether it is sex in Sydneys public places or living your fetishes. Registering with’s community of singles is free to try so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain - night after night. Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll always find someone bold and beautiful enough to shake things up with for a one night stand in Sydney. With so many alluring profiles and steamy interests, our members are known for diving right in to sexual escapades without a moment’s hesitation. After all, tomorrow never dies and great sexual encounters flings and one night stands in Sydney are just a click away.

Report: Work Hard, Play Hard

I'm Carly and I work hard and play hard. I'm a marketing director in a fairly successful media company and I love it. My weekdays are chock-full of meetings and client lunches. I really love to keep a tight control over my work and my finances and I love directing my team to success. But my weeknights ae reserved for one night stands in Sydney, when I get to relax and let loose and that's when I like to let go and find some fun. I don't really have time to get out and mingle or keep a steady relationship but that doesn't mean a girl doesn't want to have fun. So while some of my friends detox and go to yoga, I like to unwind with a glass of wine and log on to, looking for a one night stand in Sydney. So far, all of my wildest and most intense nights have been with guys I've hooked up with in the community forums while looking for one night stands in Sydney. The very first time I tried it, it was free to register and I was having a ridiculous week. I needed something to turn me on and get me excited so I thought, "Hey, why not a one night stand in Sydney?" I can say, since then, I haven’t looked back. It’s really easy to find tons of guys and, within minutes, I had 5 messages waiting for me. I put up tons of really naughty photos so I wasn’t surprised. Not being a shy girl, I decided to keep talking to all of them but only one guy was catching my eye on that night. I’ll never forget him.You never forget your first one night stand in Sydney on we were in the community chatrooms, we hit it off really nicely and I liked him because he didn’t waste any time beating ‘round the bush, so to speak. He just asked me what I was looking for and he told me he was looking to give a lucky woman a memorable and relaxing night. I told him I was looking for a man who knew exactly how and when to take control and he asked if I had been thinking of him all along. I laughed and said, “I guess so!” We decided to meet at a chic restaurant I had been waiting to try for two weeks now. I told him I’d meet him by the bar and he said he’d be wearing a brown leather jacket. He asked me what I’d be wearing and I said that I hoped, by the end of the night, he’d have me wearing nothing at all. He said he was divorced and I told him I was just looking for something casual so we could keep things really fun and have some really sexy fun together. He said it sounded like we were on the same plane. He was so open and asked me what I’d like done to me. Again, I love it when a guy is confident enough to be daring and edgy but I told him that we were going to find out really soon. When we met up, all our flirting from the previous night was making us really hot and heavy. I was sitting across from him for all of one hour and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his mouth. I imagined those wide, generous lips making me moan and touching me in places I couldn’t reveal unless we were behind closed doors. So, I decided, it was time to get behind those closed doors.

Rhythm of the Night

Always being organized, I had booked a room for the two of us in a nearby hotel so we could keep things classy and casual. I didn’t want to complicate things, just focus on having a wild night that night and he really looked like he was ready to do just that. Walking there was incredibly hard because, even though it was so close, I was in heels and I couldn’t really stop myself from accidentally brushing up against me. After we got our keys, we got into the elevator and neither of us could hold it in any longer. Though our room was only 3 floors above, he took one look in my eyes and knew exactly what I wanted. He was so mysterious and I didn’t know what turned me on more: the idea that I could have incredibly hot sex with this man tonight and for just one night or if it was what his hands were doing to my body. Either way, a soft breathy moan must have escaped me because he rested his forehead against mine between kissing and chuckled while saying, “So, you’re pretty ready, aren’t you?” Hell yes, I wanted to scream. Just then, the elevator door thankfully slid open and we tumbled out and straight into the room ahead. Neither of us could wait to get our hands on each other and we both knew dinner was just an excuse. This was going to be the main course. He wanted me so bad, I didn’t even have time to unzip my dress as he pulled the straps down and began nuzzling me from behind, my back pressing into him.

Until the Next Night…

At that moment, I knew I could just lose all that carefully constructed control I exercised in the daytime and surrender this one night in Sydney to this man. He growled something in my ear and I must have said yes because he gently guided me to the fluffed bed and turned me around, coaxing me to fall slowly on my back. I watched him undo his shirt buttons with a challenge in my eye and the corners of his gorgeous mouth turned up in a smile because he knew what he was going to do to me and I knew I was going to love every hot and sexy minute of him inside me, driving into me, holding me down and giving me the kind of deep release I had been looking for all week. Every time I thought we were done, I would turn around, look at him and we’d go for it again. I couldn’t hide how excited he made me and it turned him on to see me touch myself while saying his name. Pleasing him in this way and then letting him take me gave me such wild satisfaction, I didn’t want the night to end. But I was just as excited to come back another night, with someone equally as new and mysterious and hook-up with an intense encounter again.

One Night Stand seekers from Sydney

Melissa, 25: Sydney seductress seeks a solo rebel. I’m quite partial to a man in skinny jeans and if he can play an instrument then all the better. I’m 25 and looking for a good time, you're 30 to 35 and looking to give me a good time. Find me on Flirtfair

Hannah, 20: Single in Sydney and ready to mingle. I’m open for romantic nighttime trysts, one night stands and casual flings. I’m a bit of a clubber so make sure you have your dancing shoes on. I’m a cute and bubbly brunette with a sense of adventure and style looking for a hot encounter with you on Flirtfair.Holly, 32: I'm a fun and adventurous woman and I love me a long night with good conversation and lots of intimate action so message me on FlirtfairDanny, 30: I'm a relaxed and friendly guy who enjoys beers with his mates at a pub and wild nights through with beautiful singles around the city. Don't be shy, find me on Flirtfair

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