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One Night Stands in Melbourne

sexy Melbourne lady taking her swimming suit off
One night stands are waiting in Melbourne!

More people than ever are finding out for themselves just how simple it is to get great sex with no commitment in the city. One night stands in Melbourne can be organised safely and easily with, the smart way to enjoy hot, horny assignations with willing partners.

One night stands give you the perfect opportunities to try things you normally would not do. For example sex in public. The dogging scene in Melbourne is very well known.

REPORT: Horny Lisa from Melbourne

Who knew there could be an easy way to meet cool people for one night stands in Melbourne? 22 year old Lisa was convinced that she would never be able to have what she thinks is a pretty normal sex life.

'I think I'm a normal, horny 22 year old,' says Lisa, 'But you'd be surprised how hard it is to find partners who only want sex, no strings attached.' Lisa is a stunning brunette and a slim 5' 8" with curves in all the right places.

Until she discovered thousands of people who thought that sex should be fun at she had resigned herself to an endless round of pub and club encounters that either lead to nothing or left her trying her best to get rid of guys who saw themselves as her next boyfriend.

'That's not what I want' Lisa tells us, 'I don't want to settle down with some bloke just because we had hot sex after a night at a party I just want lots of great one night stands in Melbourne.' Lisa describes herself as an adventurous type and she is happy to meet women as well for one night stands in Melbourne.

Lisa dreamed of meeting guys of her own age who were just a bit more mature or older blokes who would have no qualms about leaving the next morning. When she signed up at Lisa was delighted to find not one or two, but literally hundreds of men and women - all looking for a one night stand in Melbourne.

'There's so much pressure on women to hook up with men for eternity today, I was so relieved to find that I wasn't alone in preferring one night stands in Melbourne.'

The Thinking Person's Guide to a Hot One Night Stand in Melbourne

Lisa is a doctor and she has a very healthy attitude to sex in general and role play in particular. She found plenty to talk about in the chatroom and had soon organised her very first one night stand in Melbourne as a member.

Registration is free and it costs nothing to try one night stands in Melbourne for yourself. Lisa couldn't wait to give it a go. She hooked up with Allan a 32 year old business consultant and they agreed to meet in a hotel bar in St.Kilda.

Lisa decided on a short black dress with lacy thong and a push up bra. The plunge neckline of the dress showed her boobs off and she was hoping that and her long, slim legs would have the desired effect on Allan.

After a couple of drinks Lisa and Allan decided to book a room for the night as they both knew that sex was very much on the agenda. In fact, Lisa says she would have been really disappointed if she had gone along and there was too much chat. 'After all, it's a one night stand in Melbourne, not drinks and dinner with friends.'

How to Make One Night Stands in Melbourne More Exciting

Lisa had already spent time in the chat room with Allan so he know what to expect. Up to a point. He says it's one of the hottest one night stands in Melbourne he's ever had.

'I knew that Lisa liked role play, but when she whipped out the handcuffs and told me to assume the position I was rock hard in an instant.' Lisa agrees, 'Oh Allan was definitely up for it, in every way.

And believe me I certainly punished him.' Lisa had taken a few toys along for her one night stand in Melbourne with Allan. 'Cuffs, massage oil, a vibrator and some Chinese love beads' she says. 'Just to pep things up.' The next morning Allan and Lisa went their separate ways but both agree that another one night stand in Melbourne isn't out of the question.

Lisa says that it was really liberating and that being in charge of her own one night stands in Melbourne made it even more sensual and exciting. Why not take a look and see what a difference it makes when you can choose your partner and check out their interests before you enjoy a great one night stand in Melbourne?

One night stand seekers from Melbourne

  • Yvonne, 28: I'd like to meet women and men for one night stands in Melbourne. I'm a gay woman who also enjoys the odd night with a horny, well hung bloke. Because I'm a nurse I can work odd shifts so I can often fit in a sexy session during the day. I'm 28 and a a size 12 with short blond hair and big brown eyes.
  • Romeo, 34: Seeks a Juliet who won't hang around in the morning. If you're an attractive lady, short or tall, big or small I'd love to meet you for a one night stand in Melbourne. They say that variety is the spice of life and I'm up for that. I'm almost 6' tall and well built - in every possible way - though not fat and I enjoy sports both on and off the pitch.
  • Rita, 54: Sexy mature lady looking for one night stands in Melbourne. Take a chance on me and you will love the odds. No holds barred and no strings attached just adult fun and games with a hot blonde who knows how to party. I enjoy bondage and spanking and I also like water sports if I'm in the right mood. Will you be the guy to get me in the mood, why not meet me in the chatroom to learn more.
  • Stella, 24: I'm a young lusty and busty brunette with a fun outlook on life who just hasn't been able to find the right guys for one night stands in Melbourne. I like straight simple sex but I am not looking for a life partner. If you can say goodbye as easily as hello why not meet me for a one night stand in Melbourne?

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