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On Again/Off Again Relationships Tips You Didn't Know

Though on and off relationships are termed as 'wrong' and 'inadequate' by most people, they do have a good side.

hot couple going through an on and off relationship
On and Off again: Do you believe that love can wave a magic wand?

You might want to read these and get to know why:

#1 Your Eyes are Open to Reality

Most people believe that love can wave a magic wand over any difficulty and it automatically disappears. If you have been in or are in an on and off relationship, you're open to the fact that this isn't true and you see the importance of always being on the same page with your partner.

The more you pair up and break up, the more your reasoning is sharpened!

#2 You're Not New to Each Other

It can be quite difficult to begin a new relationship with someone different because of the long process of getting to know them better. With on and off relationships, you and your partner know each other well, so you can jump the awkward introductions and get on with it each time you reunite.

#3 You Can Speak Your Mind More

Since you're used to each other, you can bring issues that you aren't comfortable with to the light to avoid any more disagreement or heartbreak. You get this courage since you have been on a similar path before and are not willing to walk on it again.

#4 You and Your Partner Keep Getting Back to Each Other for a Reason

Though your relationship may not be a bed of roses, both of you keep finding your way to each other because of a special element that only the both of you see in each other. Use the element to improve on your relationship and you'll be surprised at the positive results.

#5 You've Seen the Bad Side of Each Other and Have Adjusted To It

It's said that you can know who someone really is during an unpleasant situation. And it's true. You may have a different image of your partner after a breakup due to some negative tendencies you never knew they had such as being rude and throwing tantrums when angry.

This makes it easy for both of you to make up if you're willing to give it another try since you have seen each other at your worst.

#6 You Become More Understanding and Flexible

If you're constantly in total disagreement over what you both want in life, it may be difficult to always see each other eye to eye. Since you've been together many times before, you can always give each other some space and understand if a date or get together just isn't possible.

#7 When You Decide to Get Serious, It's for Real

After having been together and separated continuously for a while, time will come when you both realize that you can't keep messing around with each other's feelings because of the history between you two.

couple getting back together
It gets relevant to be committed to each other!

When you decide to get in, you really mean it. The good news is, if one of you or both of you still have doubts, you understand the relevance of being committed to each other and you try to work on it.

That said, it's now time to look at matters from a broader perspective. Do you really want to keep recycling a relationship with someone over and over again? How long will it take before you both settle? What if you both realize it just isn't working?


YOu want to avoid emotional scars, so make a list of pros and cons and communicate about it with your partner to try to work on does negative ones.

#8 Weigh the Positives and Negatives

Take some time to have a comprehensive look at both sides of the relationship, if you haven't done so yet. If you have, you probably let your heart think and not your brain.

If you have been with your partner for ten years or so and you're both still not working, it would be good to be true to yourselves and call it quits. If you hadn't succeeded in making it work before, chances are slim that you will ever succeed.

#9 Open Your Heart to New Opportunities

It's easy to have a negative view of relationships once you've been on the on-and-off relationships roller coaster. And why not? No one would love to be thrown around emotionally. Always bear in mind that not everyone is the same, so it would help if you change your perception on people.

Take part in a hookup and who knows, you may just find your soulmate. The one thing you must do is decide that your on again/off again partner shouldn't be them.

#10 Communication is Key

What makes most couples get into this habit of make-up and break up once again continuously is the lack of a clear communication. It's important to identify your differences and be clear about them.

If you've tried to resolve the differences between yourselves to no avail, that's your cue to end the relationship permanently.

#11 Notice the Trend

It makes sense to get back together after a breakup once or twice, but if the cycle is unending, you may want to consider where the relationship is going, and how serious your partner is with you.

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If they don't show any signs of seriousness, save yourself the heartache and leave.

#12 Let Your No Be No

After going through the negative experience and you wish to put it behind you completely, you must take a firm stand. Delete your partner's number, leave town or avoid them if need be.

You're better than clinging on to someone who doesn't appreciate your real value.

exes with an on and off relationship
It might just make sense to be on and off.

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