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Things You MUST Do To Have Incredible Shower Sex

The heat of the water splashing on your skin. The steam rising from the spray of water. The feeling of being wet, slippery, and soapy all over. These are just a few reasons why the shower is one of the best locations for great sex.

couple having incredible sex in the shower
There are different positions that can help you hit the right spots

However, even though a mediocre experience in the shower can still mean a great orgasm, shouldn't you have mind-blowing sex every time you turn the water on? If you want incredible shower sex that brings you and your partner exhaustive pleasure, then the tips and advice below are not to be missed.

Don't Be Afraid to Try New Positions

When most people get into the shower to do the dirty, they think there's only one position they can do: doggy style. While it's true that this is one of the best positions in a tight space like this (hands against a steamy shower door, anyone?), it's not the only option.

There are many positions that can help you hit the right spots while the water sprinkles down your skin. A few positions that have been given the seal of approval include:

  • The "X": The female will make an "x" with her body against the wall of the shower. The man comes in from behind, letting her hold onto the wall for traction.
  • The SuperMan:While facing one another, the woman will wrap her arms around the neck of the man. He will pull her up by her ass as her legs wrap around him.
  • The CaptainHaving the female lift one leg up means the male will have a better chance of hitting the right spot. He can come into this position from the front or back.
  • Sitting Down:The male will sit down in the tub while the woman rides him, facing away from him. This can also work on a larger ledge that acts like a chair.

Use Play Toys

hot brunette in the shower
The shower head can become your best friend!

Thanks to some thoughtful innovations, there are more waterproof sex toys available than ever before. While this includes the trusted vibrator, there are also dildos that suction cup to the wall (or tub) and vibrating massagers.

If you're in the mood now and don't have any of these on-hand, use your shower head!

Simply detach it from the wall, turn the head to change the spray, and have your partner pleasure you. This is one of the best ways to get started for a hot and steamy session. If you have jets in your tub and you're taking a bath, EVEN BETTER! Use those to blast sensitive areas with warm water.

Change the Temperature of the Water

You might be wondering: what's the right temperature? In reality, it will all depend on the moment and how you feel. However, it's recommended to turn down the temperature rather than turn it up, in order to avoid burns.

Cold water can certainly tantalize the both of you, much like an ice cube pressed against the skin does. If you'd like to better control the water, then use a detached shower head to blast it anywhere that you'd like.

The change in temperature will make shower sex a whole lot more fun.

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Make Pleasure a Priority

The sound of water dropping and the feel of the steam coming out of the shower can be more than enough to put you in the mood. However, don't forget that sex in this room doesn't have to be short and sweet. You can make it more romantic and about intense pleasure for the both of you.

Remember: When you're in the shower, there's less mess to clean up! Don't worry about getting sweaty, using a lot of soap, or being playful with the water. This is a room where it's encouraged to get dirty.

PRO TIP: Don't Leave Foreplay Out!

It's one of the best ways to make sex in the shower unforgettable. Whether this means going down on one another with the help of warm water or a gentle sensual water massage, it can make all the difference.

Light Candles and Play Music

Bringing home a one night stand? Whether you've already ravaged your sheets or you're just coming in from a long night, you can keep the romance going by setting the right tone. To do so, light some candles and keep the bathroom lights off.

This will keep you protected from the harsh bright lights that bathrooms so beautifully pull off. Not to mention, the added darkness can offer a little bit of mystery that allows both of you to release your inhibitions.

If you'd like to make the experience even better, then play some music that gets you both in the mood.

Get Sticky

What better place to experiment with whipped cream, chocolate syrup or caramel than the shower? Use these freely knowing you can suds up in the event that you get too sticky.

Pour it on her back, let her pour it on your dick, or play a game of touch and lick. As the hot water pours down both of you, it will only create a steamier experience.

PRO TIP: Manage the Stickiness

If you're using thick sauce, such as caramel sauce, let the jar sit in the hot water for a few minutes to soften up. This will make it much easier to pour and play with.

Are You Ready for Incredible Sex in the Shower?

If you're like most people, then there's no better way to start or begin a day than with sex in the shower. Fortunately with the tips above, this can be made even better.

playful couple geeting sticky in the bathtub
The right mood with candles will make it extremely romantic.

If you're looking to prepare for this, do yourself a favor and clean the area beforehand. Both of you will appreciate the preparation and it will set the tone for sex that can accommodate your wildest dreams.

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