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Mind Blowing Facts you Didn’t Know About Sperms on Skin

Interestingly, we’ve all heard of semen working wonders on skin. Of course, some thinks it’s a joke while others think their boyfriends are using the information for self-advantage of maybe giving a little facial.

sexy brunette taking sperm facial treatment
You need to try out a sperm facial treatment!

However, one can apply sperms to beautify herself naturally. Semen forms a natural way of getting a good facial skin. It contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, fructose, and urea. Perhaps you’ll love to go through the various facts about using semen for your skin.

Among the hacks for a glowing skin involves the use of semen. Of course, many people presume that semen is not good for your skin. However, existing study shows how semen has been used to enhance the facial appearances of people.

Below are the various ways of utilizing the sperms he’ll spruce on you next time you’ll give him a blowjob!

Semen is Good at Eliminating Acne

In case you’re having acne problems, do not panic. You’ll want to take the sperm facial treatment. The sperm contains nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that develop a more appealing skin.

You’ll actually kill acne-causing bacteria and guard the skin. Hence, if you’re having some pimples, how about asking him for some facial when you next meet your fuck buddy?

Semen is Perfect for Fading Away the Wrinkles

Sperms can be used to make a younger skin for you. You’ll want to try out smearing the semen all around the eyes and wrinkle-prone areas. Starting it at an early age can be worthwhile! They’ll definitely disappear after a short while.

The protein in sperms protect the skin from wrinkles and aging skin symptoms; you’ll definitely get a young and baby face again!

Semen Can Be Used to Vanish Scars and Dark Circles

When you massage the skin with semen, you’ll definitely clear the acne scars. The skin moisturizes in a magical way! It has been observed that applying sperms on the face can actually lighten dark circles.

hot woman cleaning the sperms on her skin
Sperms protect the skin from wrinkles, pimples, acne and more.

When one has dark circles around the eyes, the beauty is pulled down a little bit. That’s alright. How about trying out the semen facial treatment? Others claim that sperms also tighten the skin around the eyes preventing it from sagging.

PRO TIP: Be Hygienic

Wash your face before applying the semen on the dark circles to treat them.

Semen Can Be Used for Facial Peels

Perhaps you have dead skin. Do not panic. When the basic semen is smeared on the skin with mild acid, the dead skin on the face is removed. Well, for quite some time, people are moving away from the artificial basic solutions for the facial skin.

However, turning to semen for facial skin solution is a better alternative; considering it is natural and effective.

PRO TIP: Makeup Out!

Make sure you don’t have any makeup on when applying semen for facial peel. You’ll definitely optimize its effectiveness.

Sperms as Anti-Depressants

Interestingly, sperms are not only good for a healthy skin but also acts as anti-depressants. An existing study states that women who are directly exposed to semen are less likely to get depressed.

That’s fascinating, right? Anyhow, semen is said to contain some mood-altering hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin. When it is absorbed, it enhances one’s mood.

Urea in the Semen Acts as a Natural Toner

Semen contains urea which is found in urine. Well, many might disregard semen for it. However, the urea in the semen is quite useful. Urea is known to be a natural toner.

THAT'S FASCINATING! The natural toner is bound to give you a naturally smooth and attractive face!

Semen Can Be Used to Mend Chapped Lips

Of course, one of the main characteristics of semen is being a perfect moisturizer. Hence, if perhaps your skin or lips are chapped, no need for alarm. Using semen can actually make you soft and smooth again.

soft and moisturized skin after sperm facial
Semen make your skin soft and smooth again.

Sounds disgusting, but worth a trial!

You Might be Allergic to Semen on Your Skin

Well, semen seems to be a good remedy for the skin. No wonder babies are born with such edible skins. However, this skin remedy is not suited for all.

Hence, instead of making you look fresh and lavished, taking a semen facial treatment might make your skin irritate and dry. There have been several cases of people who have tried the semen facial and ended up developing an allergy to one or more proteins in the semen.

This is evident where the allergy manifests dermatitis which is basically temporary redness alongside mild swelling of the skin. This condition is known as human seminal plasma protein hypersensitivity.

Using Semen on Your Face Could Actually Contract you STIs

Well, despite becoming an interesting solution to facial skin, semen is as well dangerous; you can actually contract a disease out of it. That’s worrying, right? People presume that STIs are only spread by penetrative sex.

Notwithstanding, some STIs such as chlamydia are not just spread through sex. Any mucous membrane can as well spread the disease; that includes the semen.

When someone smears semen from someone with this ailment on her face; probably when seeking aesthetic improvement, she’s in a higher risk of contracting it. The infection affects the eyes, lips, and nostrils.

Semen Facials are Currently Taking Grounds

Currently, there are various blogs and videos that explain the application of semen on the skin. For instance, Tracy Kiss has made a video about semen facial that explains and illustrates how it is done.

Well, just because something exists in a video doesn’t really mean that it will work. How about getting information about the semen facial prior to starting it.

Sperms have proven to be helpful in a number of ways not thought before. For instance, some of the proteins in the semen that are useful in tightening and nourishing the skin are so real; they have even been taken to the lab, synthesized and sold as facial creams for quite a high price.

Hence, the next time you and your man spend a night packed with fun, remember to collect and keep some for yourself!

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