May 22, 2022
Melbourne Cup fashion (2)

What Should You Wear to the Melbourne Cup?

Dressing for the Melbourne Cup is all about having fun with your ensemble. Melbourne Cup Day is typically characterised by an abundance of vivid and strong hues and striking headpieces. Avoid wearing all black and save the darker, more muted tones for Derby Day.

Melbourne Cup fashion is all about pushing boundaries and stretching your imagination to its limits! The best way to begin is with a vibrant and eye-catching dress, and fortunately, we’ve picked together some glamourous ensembles that are perfect for Melbourne Cup fashion. Check it out!


4 Style Suggestions for Melbourne Cup Fashion


Maintain a professional demeanour– Race days are steeped in tradition, and that tradition should be respected. This does not mean that your race-day attire should be dowdy, but it does indicate that your dress should not be misconstrued for a top. And it does imply maintaining a reasonable level of sobriety if you intend to enter fashions on the field.

A protective headwear is must– Without a hat, fascinator, or headpiece, Melbourne Cup fashion is incomplete. If you’re attending an indoor occasion, err on the tiny side to avoid knocking out the individual sitting next to you.

Match but don’t match– You want your outfit’s components to complement one another, but you’re not trying for a matchy-matchy look. Your bag does not have to coordinate with your shoes or hat. Your bag may borrow a hue from your dress, and your hat may borrow a hue from your shoes, but they do not all have to be the same hue.

Select your footwear carefullyβ€”It is never acceptable to leave a Melbourne Cup Day party or the races barefoot and holding your shoes in your hand. Wear shoes that you are confident will last the distance. This is less of an issue if you’re simply going out to lunch and then picking up your child from school, but it most certainly is if you’re on trackside.


Melbourne Cup Fashion Ideas for Women

Women attending the Melbourne Cup must always dress to the Carnival’s race day standard. Children in tow must also be appropriately dressed and always accompanied by an adult.

To maximise your day, wear in spring-like floating flowery dresses. Considering the uncertain nature of the weather, you could always pair a fitted jacket with jeans or a skirt.

This year’s Melbourne Cup fashion includes a heavy emphasis on metallics and neutral accessories to balance out bright outfits. Rather than accessorising with vibrant hues, opt for black accessories for a much more understated and refined appearance. This also works nicely for dresses that are difficult to accessorise or locate a complementary colour to accent.

Maticevski’s neon gown is a Melbourne Cup standout. This gown is bright, flamboyant, and high-fashion on its own, paired with a naked heel and clutch. If you choose a headpiece, a structured black fascinator will compliment and match the dress’s dramatic edges and detail. When wearing brights, keep the rest of your outfit neutral.


Melbourne Cup Fashion Suggestions for Men

Melbourne Cup Day is one of those days when wearing basic colours makes you stand out in all the wrong ways. Rather than that, choose for suits with strong prints such as windowpane or glen plaid. Purchase them in cerulean, teal, electric blue, or burgundy hues. Don’t be scared to pair your suit with a patterned shirt or tie. However, avoid getting carried away. If your suit pattern is striking, offset it with a basic dress shirt and understated tie. Likewise, a more conservative suit necessitates bolder shirts and accessories.

While suit tailored slacks are required, the good news is that you can inject some major uniqueness into them. These tailored or even semi-tailored suits allow you to demonstrate your incredible sense of sartorial elegance.

Your suit should be tailored to perfection. Additionally, if you are attending the races, brace for severe weather. This custom continues regardless of the weather.

Cup Day is all about fashion, so your shoes should complement your ensemble rather than overpower it. When selecting a style, incorporate texture and finish to provide interest.



While the Racing Carnival is primarily concerned with the horses and their prospects of winning, the Melbourne Cup has evolved into one of the most highly awaited social events in Australia. Millions of Australians actually put their lives on hold to watch and enjoy the ‘race that stops the nation’.

Whether you plan to attend the race in person or attend one of the innumerable luncheons and gala parties held throughout the country, these Melbourne Cup fashion ideas will undoubtedly improve your appearance.

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