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Killing Kittens & Spiking Libidos: the Notorious Party for the "Sexual Elite"

It's notorious and exclusive. It's hedonistic and secretive. It's supposed to provide attendees with a "safe but sexually-charged space" to engage in their fantasies.

elegant blonde in the middle of a killing kittens sex party
Killing Kittens Parties promise to empower you and bring out your inner exhibitionist!

And there's something oddly sinister and twisted about its name - almost as though someone's having a joke at your expense but you arrived late to the party so you're not really sure what, exactly, is all that funny.

In short, it has all the makings of those underground sex parties you see in pornos but that you had assumed went out disco, chest hair and roller derby (though chest hair is making a comeback). It's the "Killing Kittens" sex party and it promises to empower women and bring out your inner exhibitionist.

Does that sound like an oxymoron? Well, so are all accounts of the party. Let's unfold the lurid details of an otherwise hush-hush event, shall we?

A Little Backstory

Killing Kittens was started by one Emma Sayle, a self-styled British entrepreneur from London. Other popular and amusing monikers include, "sextrepreneur" and "orgyniser". She's focused on creating an elite network where "women have the choice" rather than focusing on men's desires.

Her target could be any number of things: women's empowerment, heteronormativity and clothing that covers your body.

Her MO is "Killing Kittens", an periodic event known as being at once debauched and yet uses words like "safe" and "controlled environment" to indicate that consent and desire are not mutually exclusive for hot and sexy casual hookups.

Strangely (and rather driving home her point) Sayle's introduction to people isn't usually based on her success as an entrepreneur but as an association to someone else more famous. This seems to be the perpetual feminist/single problem: recognized on someone else's laurels.

Although, in Sayle's case, it's not another man but another women. She is not touted as the "creator of sex parties" but, rather, "creator of sex parties who also went to school with Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge!"

interesting brunette covering her face with a mask
Your level of exclusivity and the sense of luxury in these parties is part of it all.

Since her start in 2005, as a response, according to the "KK Club" website, to single, young, independent and solvent women, looking for some casual sex and fun. Sayle has expanded Killing Kittens events and membership from London to Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

In an even more interesting twist, this is the best part: Sayle herself is the very picture of traditional monogamy, married with a 20 month old baby and another on the way, as of August 2017

Killing Kittens?

The club itself is both a network and an event that charges membership fees every month and has a very strict application process. The cost? Anywhere from £10 a month to £200 a month, with levels of membership commensurate with the extra "perks" and goodies that get delivered to your doorstep.

The industry of sex parties is not all that new so KK intends to differentiate itself based on the details: the A-list members, the level of exclusivity, the sense of luxury and the focus on women being the initiators.

By mixing venues - from ultra-luxurious yachts in St. Tropez to the sky high views of New York penthouses - the event hopes to bring in more than just "solvent" single gals.

It also encourages women to "explore their wildest sexual desires and innermost fantasies" and very clearly draws out its ideal "type": "for girls in control who know what they want."

Bring on the fembots! (Just kidding).

And, in case you're wondering, Killing Kittens has an obliquely religious reference that it purports to debunk. The idea goes that controlling a women's libido is as easy as labeling it "sin" and throwing in a hefty dose of guilt to ensure compliance.

So goes the saying, "Every time a woman masturbates, God kills a kitten". Which would make cats endangered species, not elephants. Unless we've just got it very, very wrong this whole time.

The name "Killing Kittens", then, celebrates the idea of woman masturbating and controlling their own erotic desire not only through the act of choosing a partner but also through control of one's finances, privileging good looks, sleek bodies, great clothes and stellar careers.

Rules of the Game

There are several rules in place which ensure that KK maintains its sense of decadence, debauchery and exclusivity.

  1. Membership is open to couples, single women and single males aged over 45.
  2. Only women may initiate contact and sex with another man (and his date). They can do so by walking by each other with very intentional gazes or striking up a conversation
  3. Women have access to a network called "The Litter Box", where they can browse the profiles of other members of "like mindset".
  4. There is complete anonymity of clients and guest list while there and attendees must sign an NDA and limit photos.
  5. The evening starts off with everyone wearing masks

Besides these limiting instructions - meant specifically to ensure the "highest quality" of members as well as to ensure the anonymity and exclusivity of the club and event remain intact - the actual act itself has very few restrictions. The main edict is on consent and choice.

The Vetting Process

While there are varying levels of membership based on access to parties, access to the network and whether you're a couple, single female or single male, there is also a stringent vetting process in place.

sensual blonde seducing an attractive topless man
Do you really think that: "Every time a woman masturbates, God kills a kitten"?

Women who wish to gain access to the sex parties and the club must prove themselves to be "exciting, titillating and attractive". The policy clearly states that they do "unapologetically discriminate based on style, looks, charisma and the unknown ‘X’ factor".

This is all sexually-heightened speak for, you better look like a Victoria's Secret Angel (or as close as it's possible to be for the average woman) most of the time.

All jokes aside, however, Killing Kittens Club does put a large emphasis on being well-styled and well-groomed as a gateway to arousing sexual desire and attraction for both parties. In this way, they're outlining that their ideal "kitten" is someone who cares about her appearance and celebrates her femininity.

Pro-tip: If you want to be selected for an invite, either become a part of the Free Press or apply and make sure to submit headshots (and body shots) that have you looking inordinately hot in skimpy underwear. Do not, under any circumstances, try and hover by the door, waiting to charm the bouncer - it's not that you don't have enough charm, it's that members are expected to sign a hefty NDA before entering. Yeah. Seriously.

A Conversation About Non-Monogamy

Couples as well as singles who become a part of this club and attend the events are all promised a sexy, good time. But before they can reach their innermost desires, it's worth having a real and deep dirty talk with each other about boundaries, allowances and exceptions - if any.

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