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The Beginner’s Guide to Karezza Sex

Karezza sex is the intimate form of love-making that is taking the World by storm. Couples are turning to the phenomenon in order to take their relationship to a different plane.

Sensual partners in underwear getting intimate
Karezza requires a lot of practice, but it can transform your love life

Whether you’re in a loving relationship, meeting flings on adult chat sites or trying to save your marriage, there’s a good chance that karezza sex could transform your love life.

What is karezza sex?

Karezza sex is an affectionate type of sexual intercourse where orgasm is not the final goal. Developed by a doctor called Alice Bunker Stockham, this increasingly popular type of sex takes its name from the Italian word for caress — “carezza”.

The technique was initially developed as a method of natural contraception, but it caught on in the mainstream after couples reported new and exciting sensations and feelings of closeness. Every group, from swingers to people in a committed relationship, are now reaping the benefits of this unusual practice.

While intercourse is a part of karezza sex, what really sets this technique apart is the use of extreme muscle tension and restricted breathing. Both partners must demonstrate control, and the emphasis must always be on affection and closeness.

When either partner starts slipping into so-called “performance mode”, they must pull back and concentrate on maintaining longer breaths and living in the moment. In turn, abdominal breathing eases and muscular tension increases — reversing the usual approach to orgasm.

A new type of foreplay is required

If you and your partner are thinking of trying karezza sex, you need to re-learn the art of making love. While there is an element of foreplay involved in this technique, it is probably like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Whereas standard foreplay is all geared towards the ultimate goal of orgasm, karezza foreplay is all about creating rewarding feelings, mutual adoration and closeness. A series of touches and bonding behaviours combine to create a mutually loving experience.

The first time you try karezza, it might seem counterintuitive; after all, the whole point of sex is that incredible climax at the end. This is all about retraining our brains to think about intimacy and closeness differently.

Young couple having karezza sex
Karezza is about creating rewarding feelings and mutual adoration

Intercourse is slow and sedate

When it comes to karezza intercourse, slower is usually better. Try to find positions that use a minimal amount of movement. Even then, however, you’ll struggle to fight the urge to resort to your old ways. The real pleasure in this technique comes from the love and adoration you get from your partner, but this takes time to achieve.

Some people have “non-intercourse” days, when they do nothing but a little naked cuddling and caressing. This helps to retrain the mind no to expect an orgasm when things get sexual. This helps to create a tranquil state of mind, and makes non-climactic intercourse easier in the long run.

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Tips for karezza success

Each stroke is slower and more deliberate. In the early days, there’s a good chance you’ll have to stop moving completely to prevent yourself or your partner from climaxing. However, there’s a lot to be said for simply lying still, with the man’s penis “resting” inside his partner.

Approach intercourse in stages. You might have several minutes when you’re both moving and enjoying a slow and steady pace. Then there’ll be periods of relative inactivity. Use these still periods to caress, stroke and be at one with your partner.

When it comes to successful karezza, comfort has to be a major priority. You should both experiment with different positions until you find some that allow you to relax while having intercourse. But here’s the thing: once you find those positions, you’ll be able to unwind and enjoy intimacy at the same time.

Pro tip: A great position involves both partners lying on their side facing one another. The woman then wraps her top leg around him and pulls him close.

Communication is vital

In order to create that atmosphere of adoration and closeness, you and your partner need to communicate throughout. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean talking. Yes, you can share the odd word of love or lust, but communication could be a simple matter of a groan in the right place. Even looking longingly into one another’s eyes can constitute effective communication.

You will be amazed at how much you can tell your partner with a look or a movement of the eyes. The combination of facial expressions, the odd word and a few groans of ecstasy can eventually become your very own language — known only to you both.

One of the reasons communication is so vital during karezza sex is because neither partner must come anywhere near climax — as this can lead to frustration. Coming close to “the edge” increases dopamine levels in the body, which can lead to feelings of tension and resentment. There’s also a chance that coming close to orgasm will make one or both partners crave conventional satisfaction.

The only way both partners can manage and control all of the usual sexual sensations is by communicating — and being respectful and receptive to the other’s signals.

Sensual couple trying karezza sex
Both partners should be respectful and receptive to the other's signals

What are the benefits of karezza

Karezza sex teaches people to be more empathetic and sympathetic about the needs of their partner. It is also about creating true intimacy — something that all too often goes missing once climax has been achieved.

But there is some evidence to suggest that karezza also plays a role in stopping people from turning to other means or people to relieve sexual tension. For example, when everyday sex with a partner ceases to relieve tension, many people look for alternatives, including porn, a third party or an affair.

According to research, the release of sexual tension delivered by karezza actually delivers more profound and longer lasting benefits than orgasm. This may be down to the fact that neither partner has to deal with the common feelings of indifference or anti-climax that often occur immediately after an orgasm.

Karezza sex, when executed correctly, can lead to more satisfying and refreshing sexual experiences — but success requires lots of practice and communication.

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