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Why Daily Sex is Good for Your Health.

Daily sex prevents disease, burns calories, lowers cancer and heart disease risk, enhances mood and creates warm, loving bonds that help cement your relationship, or drives your self esteem, if you're rather the one night stand person or hang out with fuck buddies a lot. "It's also a great way to start the day" says Aaron, a close friend who has been living with his same sex partner for more than a decade. While some belief systems like Ayurveda guard against excessive sex, a daily trip into orgasmic heaven offers some scientifically proven benefits for the body, mind and emotions. By the way, anal and oral sex counts as well!

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Pain Relief

Being intimate with a loved and loving partner dulls the sensation of pain, scientists discovered in one study. Even gazing at photographs of their significant others resulted in lowered sensations of pain by participants involved in the study so the close, loving intimacy shared by couples who have daily sexual activity will result in more endorphins and, consequently, lower pain levels.

Sex Burns Calories

Like any physical activity daily sex burns its share of calories and is equivalent to brisk walking in its intensity and effect on the body. So indulging in daily sex with your partner or with a random person as for casual sex means you are guaranteed this fat burning activity every day, so you might regard daily sex as an exercise program. We all know that's healthy! Physical activity promotes relaxation and this is a great way to start or end your day.

Stress Reduction

Sexual activity triggers the pleasure pathways of the brain, so each time you pleasure your partner or are pleasured in turn, you are encouraging your partner and yourself to relax and unwind. We all know just emotional, physical and mental tension can be released during sex and combined with the effects of feel-good endorphins, this is a very positive stress-reducing experience for the body. Many people undergoing extreme stress and even grief report sexual activity during this time as a way to reduce the stress and tension on the body, mind and emotions. In studies, rats that were sexually active had far lower levels of stress hormones than their celibate counterparts.

Lower Your Cancer Risk

In men, more frequent sexual activity lowers the risk of prostate cancer due to the effect of orgasm and testicle stimulation. More research is being conducted to determine the exact benefit of sexual activity on cancer risk and how this might affect men and women in the long term. Long term stress is thought to raise your dread disease and cancer risk, so daily sex and its stress lowering potential may also have an impact on your overall cancer resistance.

Boost Your Memory

Daily sexual activity can help improve both memory and cognitive function. The rush of blood through the body, to the brain, raised heart rate and lowered stress levels go a long way to improve your memory. Memory is affected by stress, so any activity which promotes relaxation will also promote focus, allowing you to gradually improve your memory.

Improved Immunity

If you're looking for a great winter activity to keep the body warm and keep the sniffles at bay, look no further than a daily dose of flirty sex. Studies have shown that regular sexual activity increases levels of immunoglobulin A. This is a flu-fighting antigen which helps reduce the frequency and severity of viral infections.

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Better Sleep and Mood

The release of oxytocin and serotonin during sex, results in feelings of well being for both genders, promoting deep relaxation and better sleep in those who indulge in daily sexual activity. Experts now know that improved sleep over a long period substantially raises the quality of your life and offers many health benefits over sleep-deprived partners. While your daily plunge into sexual pursuits may see you having less sleep as far as hours go, it is likely to be deeper and more refreshing.

Lower Your Blood Pressure and Improves Heart Health

Because sex is a physical activity which gets your heart rate going and makes you perspire, it is good for your heart. Sexual activity can be viewed as a physical exercise which is good for your cardiovascular system, blood pressure and lowers your risk of stroke and heart attacks with every single orgasm. In one study men who engaged in regular sex were 45% less likely to have cardiovascular disease.

Strengthens muscles, including pelvic and pelvic floor muscles

Regular sexual activity strengthens the muscles involved in sexual activity, including the all-important pelvic floor muscles. The core, quads and upper back muscles are all made stronger during sexual intercourse which occurs regularly. Strong pelvic floor muscles help maintain better bladder and bowel function in both men and women.

Prevents Erectile Dysfunction

About half of men, older than 40 suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. Frequent sex ensures the flow of blood through the arteries of the penis, which helps to keep the tissues in good health. Regular sex also keeps the penis arteries and tissues primed and ready for action, maintaining their function.

What About Self-pleasuring?

The good news for those who aren't in a long term relationship and don't relish the idea of casual sexual encounters is that self-pleasuring also counts! People of both genders who indulge in regular masturbation, watch erotic films or read erotica, can obtain the same health benefits as couples who engage in daily sex. If you need help getting excited, consider sexual aids, like vibrators and other devices to help raise your level of excitement and increase daily variety. Being single doesn't mean you have to miss out on daily sexual adventure and excitement. Even busy moms can make time once the kids are in bed, say sex therapists.

How to Enhance the Mood for Sex with Your Partner

Encouraging your partner to engage in daily sex may be a challenge at first if your sex lives are in a bit of a rut. Sex therapists recommend getting in the mood by listening to sensual music, taking hot baths or a shower together, or making time in the morning if you tend to be tired at night. The main aim of enhancing the mood for sex is to enable relaxation that promotes the sexual response. Stress and a busy lifestyle are the most frequently cited reasons for a poor sex life, after relationship issues. Making time to encourage good communication, clear up problems and relax enough to enjoy life and sex will set couples on the road to a sex life your doctor would approve of!

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