August 13, 2022
facts about Melbourne Cup

Interesting Facts About Melbourne Cup

It is time to proceed to the track! Spring Cup Carnival in Melbourne is connected with fascinators, dresses, and, of course, horse racing. Each year, the Melbourne Cup draws tens of thousands of fans. Whether you’re come to cheer on the horses, take part in ‘Fashion on The Field,’ or simply to enjoy a glass of champagne in the sunshine, the Melbourne Cup is unmatched.

This renowned race has existed for ages, but how much information do we have about them? The following are some intriguing facts about the Melbourne Cup that you probably didn’t know.

Top Notable Facts about Melbourne Cup

The inaugural Melbourne Cup champion

On November 7, 1861, the inaugural Melbourne Cup event was held. Archer, a bay stallion standing 16.3 hands tall, won the race. Etienne de Mestre trained the horse, which was won by John Cutts, one of the sport’s most famous riders at the time.A gold watch and 710 gold sovereigns were awarded to the victorious team. On that day, seventeen horses entered the race. In the end, the outsider prevailed by six lengths against a major competitor named Mormon.

In 1862, John Cutts and Archer won their second Melbourne Cup, making them the first team to finish in the top three on several occasions.

The Melbourne Cup Dates Back to the Nineteenth Century

The inaugural race occurred in 1861. John Cutts, the winning jockey, rode Archer to victory. John Cutts and Archer then repeated their victory in 1862, making them the first multiple champions of the famous race.

The Melbourne Cup was held on Saturdays throughout WWII

Between 1942 and 1944, this transition occurred. During these years, one-third of Australia’s male population was required to tune in for the race from a variety of battle zones.

It is One of the Most Popular Events in Australia

At first, only a few thousand people attended the Melbourne Cup, but that number has since climbed to nearly 90,000! Viewership has also increased to an astounding 5 million as a result of modern technology such as the internet and television.

There has never been a Horse that has Won the Melbourne Cup from Barrier 18

Since 1924, no one from barrier 18 has ever won the Melbourne Cup. Nobody knows the reason, and the mystery continues. Surely, the curse must be broken one day!

It is Much More than a Horse Race

While the race is the day’s main event, there are other minor non-sporting events taking place throughout the day. “Fashion on the field” is a competition in which men and women compete to show off their gorgeous gowns, jackets, and hats, with cash prizes awarded.

There has been Only One Female Jockey to Win the Race

Facts about Melbourne Cup includes Michelle Payne of Australia who rode Prince of Penzance to victory in the 2015 Melbourne Cup, becoming the event’s first female jockey.

Cup Day is One of the Busiest Days for Alcohol Drinking in the United States

If you’ve ever been compelled to pay a premium for a glass of beer or champagne on Cup Day, you’re not mistaken! On Cup Day, demand is extremely strong, with research indicating that Australians consume enough alcoholic beverages to fill 25 Olympic swimming pools.

New South Wales is the State with the Most Punters

In New South Wales, the average wager is $1200 which is 22% higher than the national average. This is one of the stunning facts about Melbourne Cup.


Foe many years Melbourne Cup has been significant for fashion and racing moments. We shared some of the well-known facts about Melbourne Cup that you must know before placing your bet.

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