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The ABCs of Picking Up Babes at the Club

Dancefloors are designed to bring guys and girls together. So why is it sometimes so hard to actually meet girls when you are out clubbing? Well, it's all a matter of technique.

Guy approaching a sexy girl at a club
Go clubbing with friends who will get you in the right frame of mind

Look around you at the bar, or on the floor. You'll see guys that girls respond too - and they aren't always the best looking, best-dressed candidates. No, the key is hooking girls' attention, and keeping them interested, and here's how to get it done.

Advertise Your Sociable, Fun-Loving Nature

Firstly, picking who you go clubbing with can make a big difference to your success with the ladies. If you go with a couple of friends who aren't really up for it and are constantly looking at their watch or checking their phones, it's going to create a frosty kind of look for girls who are checking you out.

What they want to see is a guy who is plugged into a dynamic social group of guys (and girls) who are out there to have a great time. They can sense when guys are sociable and outgoing, and they clock when you are making jokes and generally getting in the mood. So go clubbing with people who will make you look good, and get you in the right frame of mind from the outset.

First Impressions Matter at the Club, So Prepare Properly

Having said that the best looking guys don't always get the girls (which is true), here's one pro-tip that never gets old: always check your look the day before you head to the club. If your hair is rough around the edges, get it clipped. If your outfit isn't fresh, liven it up. And make sure your Cologne is topped up. Don't do it on the day. Preparation takes 48 hours.

And take some time over the way to look. Every guy on the hunt for sexy women at the club has to make a good connection via their outfit and general appearance. You don't need to be an Adonis - just take care of the details, and don't cut corners. That way, girls will be queuing up for a one night stand when you hit the floor.

Guy successfully picking up a beautiful girl in a bar
Dive bars that open late usually work well for picking up girls

Picking the Right Venue is Absolutely Crucial

Where you go matters as much as what you wear and who you go clubbing with, maybe more so. No-one wants to be prepared for a pick-up bonanza, only to discover an empty floor and drinks prices through the roof.

Don't get too hung up on upscale cocktail bars or craft ale joints. While these are great locations to relax and shoot the breeze, they don't really work well for picking up girls.

Instead, look for dive bars in your area that open late, have good music, and attract a varied crowd. These are the places that suck in revelers from bars when ordinary places shut - and they get started much later than other venues. But when they do, they are crammed with single men and women looking for casual sex, and who aren't too choosy about how they get it.

Find the Ideal Type of Dance Venue to Weave Your Magic

If you don't fancy the sweaty intensity and down and dirty action of a local dive bar, night clubs are the best way to go. But exercise caution here. Not all clubs are equal, and what seems like a woman-filled pick-up paradise could actually be a serious let down.

Some "dance clubs" are reliably filled with sexy women, and seem on the face of it to be unbeatable places to find a fuck buddy. But take it from me, appearances can be deceptive. Often the women at these clubs are there to - gasp - dance, and just have a good time. Sure, they love the attention they get from guys, but that's all they want (barring a kiss or two). And tearing them away from a dance marathon can be a struggle in itself.

PRO TIP: Look for niche dance venues playing styles like House or Trance and avoid mainstream pop DJs. The blissed-out crowd at these offbeat clubs often lends itself to pick-ups much more naturally, probably due to the emotional euphoria that these venues create. Either way, you'll have a great chance of getting laid.

Don't Be Too Free With Your Cash at the Bar: Be Selective

When you're in the heat of the moment and dancing with a beautiful girl, it's only natural to want to take things further when she heads to the bar, by buying her a drink. In fact, that's almost certainly on her mind too. It's all part of the ritual of clubbing for some pretty girls.

So be cautious. Never assume that just because you're dancing with someone and making plenty of physical contact, she's totally into you. Experienced (and beautiful) girls hardly ever pay for a drink, because they know how guys like you start to feel when they make a move.

Two guys pulling girls on the couch of a nightclub
Many pick-ups happen towards the end of the night

Instead, read the signs carefully. If she's making eye contact with you, that's good. If she doesn't inch towards the edge of the dancefloor as the track winds down, that's even better. You want to find a girl that's as wrapped up in the music as she is in you, not someone who's using the context to make their evening cheaper.

Don't Ruin Your Evening With a Beer Too Man

Finally, keep your energy levels up and don't lapse into despair if the first signs aren't good. All-too-often, guys start downing (overpriced) beers, when they should be out there dancing. At least then they'll be giving girls the impression they are there for a good time, not to get wasted.

Remember that many pick-ups happen towards the end of the night, when the magic of the music starts to fade, and people think about where they want to sleep. So keep going, and don't fade out too soon.

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