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Understanding How to Handle Breaking Circle Rightly

Among the biggest challenges one may face is the silence that develops when trying to meet new friends. The situation is at times very uncomfortable that one is forced to avoid meeting new people or even breaking the circle with a friend standing by.

attractive man in bar avoiding breaking circle
Make her feel a priority to you!

Perhaps you were having an interesting and flirting conversation with a pretty girl, but in no time, she walks away after you introduce your friend, you’ve just broken circle with her.

Whether you’re looking to get a one-night stand or a hookup partner, you’ve got to maintain a small circle of focus.

Below are reasons to keep a tight circle of emphasis between the two of you:

  • Small circle disconnects you from the world around you and makes everything about you and your partner.
  • Keeping a small circle of focus makes your girl get more intimate with you.
  • Maintaining a small circle passes a message that you’re interested in her, and you love talking to her.
  • A small circle makes a girl feel special, magical, unique and appreciated.

You don’t want to see how she’ll react to that, do you?

Why You Need to Keep a Small Circle of Focus with Her?

Interestingly, women for casual sex; whether casual sex or dogging sex, also appreciate men that maintain a small circle of focus.

Contracting your circle makes things closer and intimate with your girl – making her feel more comfortable and excited with you.

Keep in mind: Maintaining a small circle of focus can win you the prettiest girl around!

Unfortunately, breaking circle does not always have to come from the two of you. Some unscrupulous friends love nudging their ways into closed loops.

We all have this friend that will still stand next to the two of you and stare at you until you let them in. This can be disastrous, especially if you’re meeting this girl for the first time!

Why You Need to Keep your Circle Small and Closed?

Guys, never be the first to break the circle. Maintain a close, tight interaction between you and the girl at all cost. Bringing in a friend spoils chances to be with this girl.

Here are the reasons why you need to maintain a closed circle in all circumstances:

  1. Bringing a Friend Into the Circle Shows that Your Focus was not Onto the Girl. Otherwise, if you were really focused on the girl, and you were extremely immersed in conversation with her, you’ll have no time for someone else.
  2. Also, Bringing in Friends Into the Circle Portrays You as a Social Person, and not a Serious, Sexy, and Focused Guy. Any girl is dying for a man who’ll sweep them off their feet into bed without knowing. Hence, you’ll want to appear sexier and more focused to win the bid.
  3. Breaking Circle Explains How Flexible You are to Social Pressure. Women appreciate guys who are less influenced by social pressure. Keep in mind: withstanding peer and social pressure is a sign of strength, power, and attractiveness. You appear more handsome and composed when you maintained a closed circle of focus with her.

How to Handle Persistent Friends who Intend to Break Your Circle

While maintaining a closed loop is worthwhile, you may have very persistent people trying to cut your circle by addressing you first. This can be challenging since your girl expects you to maintain a singular focus in her.

handsome man doing some dirty talk to don't break circle
Don't confuse her by maintaining a small circle of focus!

You ought to learn how to handle the situation to retain the girl’s confidence and trust in you.

When intruders try to break your circle, you might want to address the girl first. Talking to her first explains that you care about her more. She’ll feel a priority to you when you give her all your time and attention including when you’re around your friends and peers.

This can be a little challenging especially when you’re in events such as parties.


When your friend is persistent, run it through your girl before responding to the friend. She’ll appreciate being your preference.

What’s more, talking to your girl first before responding to the outsider is a respectable way of expressing that he or she is interrupting. Of course, at times it’s hard to tell when one is interrupting to private conversations.

Others think that because they are close friends, they have the right to sniff around just any business you’re involved in. Talking to your girl first should express to him that this is not the right time for his or her interruption.

Of course, when selecting your friends, you might have surrounded yourself with the most intelligent, skillful, and beautiful individuals around to keep you sharp and focused on achieving your goals.

However, when it comes to a conversation with your girl, this becomes a different agenda. It would be best if you didn't have your friends jump into a one-on-one interview with your girl.

Otherwise, you’ll be surprised when your girl preferred your friend over you! Hence, when you see things getting out of hand, you might want to briefly introduce your friend to your girl and talk him out politely to catch up with him in a little while.

This way, he’ll feel ashamed to stick around!


Act in a friendly way, don’t act offended. Play neutral and ask to catch up later with him or her.

What Happens When Your Circle Breaks?

You’re having a conversation with a pretty girl, a man shows up and stares at both of you, you ignore him and continue talking to your girl, after a short while, your girl turns to him and says, “Hi!”

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Well, women rarely block their friends – especially those they like and like them back. Despite trying to show the individual that he is interrupting, you might be surprised to find him already in the conversation. Of course, this breaks your circle.

guy coming trying to break circle with the girl and the her man
A man shows up and stares at both of you and your circle will be gone.

Like any other man, you’ll be tempted to express how you’re so much into this lady and how you don’t want to stop the conversation between yourselves. However, if the girl broke the circle, you might want to consider being friendly instead.

Act normal and don’t overreact! You can maintain the conversation that makes this person feel that he’s still outside the circle. However, take precaution! The individual might be closer to the girl than you thought.

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