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Here's How to Get Maximum Pleasure from Casual Sex

Casual sex - it's supposed to be fun and exciting. But, as anyone who's tried it even once knows, it can also be a hit and miss kind of experience.

hot casual sex getting the maximum of it
Do you really know how to maximize your pleasure?

You might click immediately and have a hot, sweaty night of orgasmic passion. Or, you can have an evening of awkward fumbling that ends with no one really happy. How do you get the most out of the experience? It just takes a little thought.

Pay Attention: casual hookups and a free random sex encounters can be exciting and fresh, but don't forget the basics.

That means, having condoms handy for any encounter that may come your way. You don't want casual fun to have permanent effects.

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Attitude Matters

The best way to enjoy casual sex is to approach it with the right attitude. It's supposed to be fun, right? But, it's true that it can seem like a bit of a juggling act.

You don't want to set the bar so high that you miss out on the fun, but you don't want to settle for a mediocre to bad experience either. A good way to begin is by setting out your boundaries.

  • What's your deal breaker? - What would a potential fuck buddy have to do, to find themselves out of your books for good?
  • Watch out for red flags. - Someone who is putting on a lot of pressure to drop everything and do the nasty immediately, or who seems overly concerned about your buying the next rounds of drinks, might have something other than pure lust on their minds.
  • What do you really want? - What's your end game? Are you open for an ongoing friend with benefits? Or is a one-night stand all you have in mind? Stay inside your own limits.

Take a Little Time

Spontaneity is fun and sexy, but surely you have an hour or so to talk, or dance, or even start making out on your bar stool, before you retreat for some presumably more private area to actually have sex.

While you're talking, start touching. Move a little closer together, touch an arm to emphasize a point, brush against their leg as you turn to look at the room...a little friction starts the heat.

women and men about to take the maximum of their encounter
Do you know your own sexual preferences well?

When you start out by flirting and playing around - even in a situation where you know you're hooking up sooner or later - you raise the temperature and make the end of the evening even more exciting.

Here's why: the mind is the biggest sex organ, and even when it's a casual affair, or you've just met, you can still get your brain plugged into the proceedings.

Speak Up

They say communication is essential to maintaining a good sexual relationship with a steady partner. It's probably even more important when your partner is someone you don't know very well - or even at all.

This part actually begins with knowing your own body, and your own sexual preferences, really well. What is it that you need to get off?

Now, how do you go about explaining it to someone else, and hopefully in a way that keeps them excited and doesn't either bore then or turn them off? After all, barking out orders probably isn't the best way to go - unless that's the kind of thing you both are into, of course.

But, there's a healthy balance to be found somewhere between yelling out instructions and getting too tongue-tied to spit it out at all.

  • Example: "Lower and to the right, idiot!!2 vs. "Hey sugar, if you did that just a little lower and to the right, I'd be so much hornier and ready for you!" You get the idea.
  • Now: if they get weird and huffy, or otherwise have a negative reaction to the idea that you'd express your preferences, you can take that as a big red flag. After all, it has to be about your good time as well as theirs.

Pro-tip: USE LUBE!

When women are aroused, they make their own lube, that's true. But, why not increase the pleasure from the very beginning with some high quality lube? If you shop around, you'll find the perfect lubricant for your needs, from thicker to thinner consistencies, to formulas that can add a little heat, or a sexy chill to heighten the senses.

Remember: Avoid petroleum based lubricants, since they can eat through latex-based condoms.

Blend a Little Fantasy

What's your favourite sex fantasy? A rich fantasy life can enhance sex anytime with anyone. When it comes to casual sex, it can add dimensions to the experience to make it hotter.

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Sex really is in the brain before it hits your groin, no matter what your gender or sexual orientation. Indulging a little fantasy in your brain won't hurt as long as you're not blinding yourself to something great that's happening right in front of you.


One of the drawbacks of casual sex is that - much of the time - you don't know you partner all that well. So, you risk having mediocre or even bad sex, simply because the two of you couldn't sync your wants with your techniques.

Coital alignment is a pretty easy way of making sure both of you get what you need without requiring a lot of gymnastics.

  1. In a standard missionary position, with the woman on the bottom, the dude moves up her body and thrusts from above.
  2. This means he'll have to grind downwards as he thrusts inside, which adds direct stimulation for her. A Total WIN-WIN.
gorgeous brunette looking for fun casual sex with a guy
Enjoy casual sex by approaching with the right attitude!

Whether casual sex is something you want to have fun with just once in a while, or whether it's your usual M.O., you can get more out of the experience just by changing your approach.

HAVE FUN - That's the most important part.


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