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Achieving Vibrant and Fulfilling Breast Orgasm

It may be a surprising fact, but breast masturbation has several benefits in the feminine body. For instance, it increases your sensitivity and makes you more aware of your loving touch and sensations. When breast stimulation is done just right, you are set to experience a mind blowing experience!

what about some breast masturbation?
How much do you enjoy when he massages your breasts?

How to Breast Masturbate

  1. Create an erotic setting - Before stimulating the breasts, it is important that the mood is perfect and that everything is in check before you can begin.
  2. Relax - Lie cozily on your back. It could be on your bed, couch, or wherever you feel most at ease.
  3. Play some music on - Turn on music that brings out the sexiness out of you and light your favorite incense and candles to make it all magical.
  4. Get tune - Tune your mind to the spa of the moment and begin touching all over your body in a manner that will arouse you.
  5. Maybe - A bit of dirty talk might also heighten the mood.

Remember: This is about you getting the best out of this experience, so your unapparelled peace of mind, as well as your comfort, is of utmost importance.

Have fun while enjoying every minute of it!

Self-love: The Critical Aspect of Breast Orgasm

Appreciating your simple or intricate flaws is the leeway to experiencing an inner freedom of experiencing this type of orgasm. Whether it’s your weight, the flabby tummy or the huge scar on your face, the key to self-love is to appreciate yourself even with these imperfections.

This includes looking yourself up in the mirror, admiring and enjoying your breasts since they are the two points of your body that intimately intertwine to your sensuality and arousal.

So, whether it’s an A cup or a D cup, it all boils down to removing any barrier that will stop you from indulging in this form of orgasm.

More Breathing, More Pleasure

breast masturbation
Get a breast orgasm experience.

You may not know it but breathing enhances the breast orgasm experience. There are several techniques and breathing styles, but the panting breath is the best choice to keep the action going for longer.

It will heighten the blood flow to the very sensitive clitoris and the pelvic area as well as help you focus on the stimulus and the sexual turn on received.

Keep in mind: When applying various breathing techniques, you’ll want to take it easy so that you don’t hyperventilate.

Provoke your Inner Feelings

Breast orgasm is caused by arousing the breasts, but it’s important to realize that orgasm is triggered by a myriad of factors. The intensity of orgasm is also dependant on these factors. For example, it’s important to note that orgasm just not happen in one part of the body. It is interlinked to your whole body and sexuality.

Keep in mind: The nipples are vital erogenous areas which are connected via nerves to the clitoris. When the nipples are aroused so is the clitoris and the entire genital area.

Trickle some oil at the midsection of your chest, and a little at your tummy. The type of oil that you’ll prefer to use is entirely up to you. Take time to stir up the sexual energy by starting from your belly, to the rib cage and finally in between your breasts but you shouldn’t touch the breasts so as to cause the arousal to build up within you.

Working on Your Breasts

Circle the nipples by gently massaging them or squeezing them, allowing them to become aroused. Keep on massaging the breasts using different moves around the areola without meeting the nipples. There are myriad ways to touch, but the focus should be on building upon pressure and the speed of stimulation.

The essence of gentle massage is to provoke the body into playing the edge of pleasure until it’s ready for more of this experience. Try to unite with your body by listening to it and savoring every bit of touch and the ignited feelings.

Nipple Arousal

The intensity of breast orgasm can be compared to that of clitoral orgasm. So, when the body needs more of the action, begin by massaging at the edges of the breasts away from the nipples. Doing this will cause the nipples to release the feel-good hormone, oxytocin.

Slowly move your way towards the nipples with very light strokes while circling and twisting them until they are erect. At this point, your caresses should be firm as you start pinching from the base of the nipple while rolling it back and forth.

breast orgasm is an orgasmic experience
Try the breast masturbation with him and get an orgasmic experience!

You will experience a surge of pleasure as the pinching intensifies. Massage the breasts consistently as you progress from the nipples to the breasts, the neck and tummy. Move back to the breasts and change from the wide circles and continuous movement to tighter circles with a faster stimulation.

Experience the Orgasmic Sensations

When undergoing a breast orgasm, the belly will tighten, the upper body may suddenly push upwards with the passionate pleasure, and it may draw you closer to orgasm. But you shouldn’t reach the climax just yet!

You should aim at forming a series of orgasmic feelings to every part of your body by spreading the orgasmic energy throughout the body, edging the pleasure and teasing yourself. Begin massaging every part of your body as you curve back while rocking your spine to and fro.

Moving your hips back and forth will bring about arousal throughout your entire body. Using your hands, caress your whole body and focus entirely on your breathing. Do not underestimate the power of teasing! Tease your lower abdomen as if you are about to reach out to your clitoris.

Wait!... Don’t do that just yet! Let the orgasmic energy build up and let it flow to the breasts. By drawing that energy, a full circle of orgasmic energy is transmitted to the entire body. There is heightened arousal as you keep repeating the above-mentioned steps.

It’s important to go slow at this point so that the orgasmic energy is contained. The sexual energy released there after all depends on the pent up orgasmic energy. It’s clear to see how the breasts are a means to many pleasures that await to be savored and experimented.

Breast masturbation will provide you with intense orgasms, and great feelings as your whole body is involved in this sexual experience.

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