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Summon Up Your Inner Goddess With These Handy Tips

It's easy to start feeling down about ourselves. Maybe we've had a few bad dates or been dumped by a guy we really liked, or maybe our long-term relationship just isn't paying off in bed any more.

sexy blonde emerging from the water
Summon your inner goddess and it will definetly pay off!

Whatever the case, so many women feel lose touch with their inner goddess, and their sex lives suffer as a result. But that doesn't have to be the case.

Here's how to summon her back and get her to work on your behalf.

1. Take Some Time to Pamper Yourself

Lack of self esteem is the number one problem girls have to get over when getting touch with their inner goddess, and there are plenty of ways to solve it.

Most importantly, you need to set aside some time for yourself. Not for your boyfriend or friends, or for the TV. For yourself. Get out in nature, head out shopping. Book a massage.

Make yourself feel special and unique by taking some time out from everything else.

2. Understand the Connection Between Inner and Outer

All too often, the inner goddess flees because women start to lose their sense of confidence regarding both their inner and outer beauty.

She won't come back until you start giving yourself the love you deserve. So look in the mirror. Tell yourself you're beautiful. Get a portrait done. Take some selfies. Whatever persuades you (again) that you are worthy of your inner goddess.

You definitely are, you just need to believe it.

3. Summon Your Goddess Through Meditation

OK, this one sounds a little off the wall, but bear with me. Whether you believe in goddesses or not, there's something to gain from actually summoning her in person.

Create a private space with candles and scent, and try to think about the moment you were at your most sexually confident. It's not mystical. It's just a great way to restore that feeling.

Pro Tip #1:

Use organic scents to create a mystical atmosphere. If you are going down the ritual route (and I definitely recommend giving it a try), be sure to incorporate organic scents like Bush Gardenia, Elder and Lavender into your sessions. Known for years as relaxing, sexually activating compounds, these scents will help to put you in the right place.

4. Get in Shape and Your Inner Goddess will Too

Without trying to sound too shallow, women who feel out of shape often take a self esteem hit because of it. It's not a rule, but it happens (and there's no shortage of BBW babes with a hell of an inner goddess).

If you feel the need to look the part, hitting the gym or pounding the sidewalks can be a fantastic way to start feeling that confidence and clarity that come when your inner goddess is in the house.

pretty redhead in the gym after a workout session
Feel good with your body and realese that inner goddess of yours.

5. Get Out and Show Off Your Charisma

Sure, we've recognized that meditation and privacy matters, but here's the thing: You also need to put yourself out there if you want your inner goddess to return.

Take some art classes, join dance groups, try some amateur theater or even head out dogging or arrange some hook-ups online.

The key is to show your unique charisma and charm, and express the feelings inside you, instead of bottling them up.

6. And Summon Her Day and Night as Well

When you find out that summoning your inner goddess actually works, extend it to the rest of your routine.

It takes time to gain her confidence, but if you summon your inner goddess as you fall asleep, and think about her regularly throughout the day, she's sure to hear your calls.

It's all about reinforcing the idea that you need to restore your confidence (not an actual goddess, as far as we know) and it works.

7. Double Down on Confidence Boosting with Chick Flicks

There's a reason why weepy romantic movies and sassy comedies are always in fashion: in a world that's still weighted towards guys, women often need to get together to boost their self-esteem.

And, you know what? When you watch Meg Ryan or Sex and the City, your inner goddess will be right there with you, nodding along.

8. Travel to Discover your Inner Goddess

The ancient Greeks were certain they knew exactly where their inner love goddess lived: the island of Cyprus, where the goddess Aphrodite was born.

Now, you don't have to visit the Mediterranean (although it's not a bad idea). However, traveling and seeing the world is a great way to build up your esteem and broaden your sexual perspective.

This in turn means that your hang-ups will start to seem like ancient history.

9. What Not to Do if You Want Your Inner Vixen to Appear

Your sexual muse is a temperamental being. She won't just reappear on command.

sensual brunette finding her inner goddess
Recover your esteem and confidence and liberate your inner vixen.

It takes work to bring her back to your shoulder, and some things seem to turn her off. For instance, anger and self-destruction never work out well.

Sure, they are natural responses to social problems, but if you want to achieve mastery of your erotic self, drinking, drugs and other forms of self-destruction are never a good strategy.

10. Don't Take Reinvention Too Far

So far, we've talked about ways to recover your esteem and confidence - and many people interpret this as a need to totally change who they are, and how they live.

While some changes are necessary, your inner goddess is there all along. She doesn't need to be invented, she just needs to be summoned.

So dial back on massive changes. Work slowly and stay focused. She'll return if you take things slowly.

Pro Tip #2:

Never feel that you are alone. Wherever you are, you can be sure that there are women around who feel the same way. Our mojo isn't something that we can manage easily, and getting our love goddess back isn't easy. But don't despair. All around you, goddesses are fluttering their wings and landing on girls' shoulders, ready to liberate their inner vixens. It will happen to you too.

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