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Hooking up for great sex

Athletic woman in a red thong with a sexy assA "hook up" can mean different things to different people, so let's be clear: this discussion is about having a casual sex relationship with someone without traditional dating. No dinners, no movie nights, no commitments - they just meet and fuck each other.

The beauty of hooking up

A hook up can be a regular relationship, like ordinary fuck buddies have it, or just a one night stand - that part is up to you. It can involve sexual intercourse or any combination of sexual pleasures that turn both of you on. The beauty of it is that you can make up your own definition, except for one thing that it clearly is NOT: a traditional, committed relationship that involves dating. A one night stand, for instance organized via fuck book or any other sex site, takes the hook up concept to the extreme; you're not just eschewing a traditional relationship, you're not even going to see each other again, ever. It can make for the most exciting free sex hookups, where both of you can fully let loose your freakish urges because there's zero worry about what tomorrow might bring or what you may think of the encounter the next day. As a lifestyle choice, however, it has many advantages over traditional relationships for people living in this modern world.

  • You can hook up with someone for whom you feel a physical attraction and not have to worry about the rest of the package. Sure, you probably do need to be able to get along long enough for a brief conversation and it may help to have something in common as a conversation starter for those awkward silences, but other than those basics, you can actually have a hook up with someone that you don't even like much outside of bed. In fact, it may make the whole thing easier to sustain over the long term if you don't have that real spark of a mental - and especially emotional - connection.
  • Young passionate couple making love
  • It allows you to concentrate on other areas of your life, knowing your sexual urges are satisfied. You may work long hours in a specialized field - the last thing you want is to socialize or have a dating relationship with someone in that same field, but the hours mean that you don't have a big social circle outside of it either. What to do? A hook up relationship fits the bill nicely, filling the gaps so you can stay busy and engaged with your profession while keeping your personal needs satisfied. It's also ideal for students who study night and day - and probably why hook ups are so popular on campus! A hook up leaves you free to pursue your passions outside of the bedroom too.
  • For women in particular - who historically have always sought traditional relationships and marriage - a regular casual hookup relationship can be liberating. No picking up somebody else's dirty socks on the floor or doing their laundry, no nasty in-laws to ruin holidays and vacations. Today's career-oriented women see hook ups as the ideal way to combine all of their interests without sacrificing any of their passions.
  • If you are in the market for a committed relationship somewhere down the road, hooking up while you're still single lets you experiment with sex and with relationships too in that you'll meet more people and get to know your own limits. You'll lose your naïveté and find out what you really do want and need in a partner who is more than a sex buddy. You'll also be able to develop your sexual technique until you can dazzle that special someone when they come along – as well as know exactly what you want from your sexual partners.

How to hook up without getting hooked

Close-up photograph of attractive loversA casual sexual relationship sounds like perfection - the best of both worlds. Yet the truth of the matter is that so many people end up mucking it up. What starts off so free and easy can come to be complicated and messy, but the good news is that the drama can be forestalled if you set things up the right way from the beginning. Here are some ideas on how to keep that good vibe flowing:

  • Start by picking the right partner. Your first consideration has to be: does this person turn me on? Is the sexual attraction hot enough? That's the easy part! The trouble is that once you get sexual desire into the mix, it can cloud your judgement about the person you're desiring. If it's just a one night stand, then it's easy: just make sure it's not someone (or somewhere) you're likely to run into during your everyday life. For a regular hook up partner, however, you have to be more choosy. It's essential to find someone who is into it for the same reasons you are and not someone who is secretly looking for a committed relationship.
  • Finding someone on an online dating website is probably your best bet. Online sex sites let you set up a profile and post a message looking for exactly what you want - and they are full of like-minded people. It's the easiest way to keep it clean, easy and uncomplicated.
  • Set up some basic rules and make sure you follow them too. Will you two sleep over? Will you meet at your place/their place/a motel? A motel or third location can be a good way of keeping the rest of your life separate from your hook up honey. It's also a good idea to set up specific times and days, or certain ways of contacting each other. You don't want to be in the office talking to colleagues with a sex partner interrupting to call you hot and heavy for a little daytime phone sex.

A hook up is today's answer to busy schedules and changing times - one that lets you explore your sexuality in a free and easy atmosphere. It's like having it all - so why wouldn't you?

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