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Clamp Your Way to Cum: Using Genital Clamps for the Ultimate Orgasms

Even vanilla ice cream can get interesting when you add swirls of caramels or cookie dough chunks or pepper it with chocolate sprinkles, right?

Sexy woman in black lingerie lying on bed
Genital clamps can take sex to a whole new level

Think of genital clamps as exactly this kind of colourful addition: it enhances your rather "regular" sex and takes it to a whole new level without ever having to leave the "flavour" of your tried-and-true vanilla routine behind.

So, go ahead, grab a spoon and get comfy: we've got your guide to genital clamps right here.

Variety is your Friend: Kinds of Clamps

There are various types of genital clamps and it all depends on the kind of sensation and sexual play you're planning to go for.

There are clamps that can be pressed open and closed, rather like a clothespin. These should have a soft, plastic tips and should be flat-headed. These types can come with or without a metal chain (for the added "heavy" tug) and can be used anywhere - nipples, inner and outer labia, lips, waists, etc.

There are also clamps (meant for nipples, primarily, though some use it - lightly! - on the clitoral hood or clit) that come with screws. Think of holding a nipple between two fingers - this is what these clamps essentially do.

They attach on either side of the nipple and can be tightened or loosened for lighter or extra sensation, according to preference. These are the kind that are great for more intermediate practitioners and those who are looking for that "last-minute" sensation that can skyrocket an orgasm.

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Safety First: Using Clamps for Pleasurable Pain (Not Only Pain)

While you're in the midst of your sexual throes, it can be difficult to realize that you've left your clamps on too long.

Whether you're using labia, nipple, vaginal or even clit clamps, make sure to assign the responsibility of checking the area to one partner or the other. Even if you're engaging with a fuck friend or a one-night stand, it's important to keep safety first.

Pro-tip: there's sensitive and there's sensitive. Make sure that whoever is having the clamps used on them is okay with that level of sensation. If nipples are okay but the labia is not, refrain - there's no need to try and prove a point or "give it a try" because there will be zero pleasure and only pain this way.

Masturbating first prior having his strokes

Beginner's tip: In general, try and avoid areas like the clitoris, clitoral hood or a man's penis foreskin. Why? This is because these are "nerve-packed" areas - and while this is true of facial lips and nipples as well (all places you can use clamps), they added trouble here is that the skin on these ultra-sensitive areas is too thin. You can end up causing major damage.

Best Practices: Clamp-Users Dish Their Best Tips

We've gathered a few "sexperts" who practice using genital clamps with their partners. Here's what they've got to say to make your clamp experience spot-on.

Handcuffs and BDSM clamps on white sheet
Invest in some real sex toys instead of using household items

First off, avoid using household items when you're first starting, especially if you're using it as clit clamps or vaginal clamps. For nipples, it may be acceptable to use clothespins - and just the one time!

But if you find you enjoy it, get yourself to a reputable sex shop and invest in a pair with easy tighten and loosen screws and a soft, polymer plastic head on the tips of the clamps. This is not only safe and comfortable, you minimize the risk of cutting off your circulation.

Pro-tip: avoid using clothespins a second time when you've used them once, especially if you use them as labia clamps. This is because the pins are made of wood, which is porous and absorb human bodily fluids (which can grow bacterial over time).

Next, make sure to get used to the sensation the way a beginner runner gets used to running.

Reserve your first applications of genital clamps to 5 to 10 minutes. Less if you (or your partner) are particularly sensitive. You can steadily increase your pressure as well as the time the clamps are on. You can also increase the frequency, even if you keep the duration short.

If you're varying the frequency - so you're not just shortening how long the genital clamps on - but also how often they're put on and off, the positioning of the genital clamps should be adjusted slightly each time.

This means that if you're focusing on the nipples, move it over a bit the next time or massage them to introduce sensation back in and then put the clamps back on.

First Clamp, Then Cum

And now, what you've been patiently waiting for: How do you use clamps to achieve the ultimate orgasm?

Well, here's the thing: if you're using genital clamps on women, their "arousal type" is perfectly built for the teasing and the catch-and-release, ebb-and-flow nature of the stimulation of genital clamps.

However, even men's orgasms can benefit from this clamp-specific action because using clamps can be a unique way to initiate male orgasm denial.

Kinky woman biting her partner's tongue
Start with some teasing before pulling out the clamps

So, enough with the theory, what about the practice?

Pay attention:

For women, you can start off with a nice, slow, round of oral. Use your fingers if you need and begin with caressing her breasts. The point here is to cover her full body. Treat this like a palate-cleanser (no pun intended), or an "amuse-bouche". You're just getting started, right?

Once you've spent an ample amount of time alternating between her breasts, her neck and her stomach, while perhaps fingering her a bit, it's time to pull out the clamps. If you're using nipple clamps, make sure her nipples are dry.

The clamps, once on, should provide a nice stimulation while you go to town, down there. Spend five minutes or so and then loosen or tighten the nipple clamps.

If you're using labia clamps, however, hold off on popping these babies on. You want to give her a little oral sex so that her labia swells when she's aroused. Once this happens, it's easier (and less "painful") to clip on.

Make sure that, though her "lips" are aroused, they're relatively dry so that the clamps can stay on.

If you're using nipple clamps, rely on entering her from behind, doggy-style, so you can stimulate her breasts, tightening and loosening the clamps and continuing the sensation. Yes, you'll have your hands full but when she comes, you can bet she's going to come crazy-hard from all the sensation.

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