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Flirt Magazine

Sex, flirts, dates, hooking up - actually we all are interested in the same topics, which deal with our intimate phantasies, deeds and fetishes. In the 21st century this is nothing one should be ashamed of. Quite the contrary - people embrace their ancient instincts which call for reproductive actions and the fulfillment of our deepest desires. For this, Flirtfair has developed the Flirt Magazine. It will give you insight into the most juicy questions and facts which may concern everyone who is not fully indifferent to sex, and that would be mostly anyone.
Have fun reading through various articles. We advise you to prepare some tissue upfront, because it may occasionally get really hot!

annoyed sad woman with mobile phone
8 Texts You should never send Your Partner
couple argueing
5 Ways to make Dating less Frustrating
guy in the park needing a tip to avoid rejection
13 Ways To Avoid Rejection
friends with benefits in the bedroom
From Friends with Benefits to Something More
woman improving her orgasm experience
How to Improve the Intensity of Your Orgasms
guy in the park needing a tip to avoid rejection
13 Ways To Avoid Rejection
attractive man in bar avoiding breaking circle
How to Handle Breaking Circle Rightly
group of friends learning to flirt using emojis
11 Tips on How to Flirt Using Emojis
hot casual sex getting the maximum of it
How to Get Maximum Pleasure from Casual Sex
disappointed girl in bed because she can't enjoy sex
9 Reasons Why Most Women Don't Enjoy Sex
couple bonding because of the Month they were born
What Can Your Birthday Tell You About Your Sex Life?
happy couple having a seafood diet for getting laid
A Seafood Diet Can Help You Get Laid
hot brunette watching the kind of porn woman love
Surprising Facts: The Kind of Porn Women Love Watching
man using tips on what to say a girl you like
10 Tips to Help You Approach the Girl You Like
couple getting high impact in their orgasms
What Really Affects the Impact on Your Orgasms?
confident man going for a woman and men's orgasm
The Differences Between Male and Female Orgasms
sexy red headed thinking if she should date her ex's friend
Is it Acceptable to Date a Friend’s Ex Partner?
hot couple going through an on and off relationship
On Again/Off Again Relationships Tips You Didn't Know
erotic party dinner getting into action
Erotic Dinner Parties that Serve Up Consent
couple bringing up the kink in the bedroom
Bringing Up the Kink to your Relationship
sexy blonde having erotic cupping reactions
The Art of Erotic Cupping for your Pleasure
electrosex on going in the room
How Electrosex Can Amp up Your Sex Life
Morning after etiquette about to get started
Morning After Etiquette: The Do's and the Dont's
Attractive feminine man wearing a beanie
Men, Learn to Use Your Feminity to Pull More Women
Sexy woman in black lingerie lying on bed
Clamp Curious: A Guide to Using Genital Clamps
Pretty girl smiling and starring at a man
How Do You Know if Your Girl Is Horny?
Sensual partners in underwear getting intimate
The Beginner’s Guide to Karezza Sex
Woman having a blended orgasm
How to Achieve a Breathtaking Blended Orgasm
Guy approaching a sexy girl at a club
The ABCs of Picking Up Babes at the Club
sexy brunette taking sperm facial treatment
Mind Blowing Facts you Didn’t Know About Sperms on Skin
hot lady using her sport undies
Why Guys Get Used Panties and Undies for Themselves
horny couple having hotel sex
Understanding Hotel Room Sex
couple having rough sex with a guitar aside
13 Songs to Listen When Having Rough Sex
kinky lady seducing you
11 Things to Expect from Kinky Women
attractive man ignoring her text
Why Guys Suddenly Stop Texting Women
attractive blonde girl approaching a handsome guy at a festival
How to Hook Up for Sex at Music Festivals
man's hands covering his boner
7 Ways to Deal with a Boner in Public
couple having incredible sex in the shower
Easy Ways to Make Shower Sex Mind-Blowing
sapiosexual couple having a deep conversation
How to Tell If You're Dating a Sapiosexual
elegant blonde in the middle of a killing kittens sex party
Killing Kittens Sex Parties: Only for "Sexual Elite"
guy sealing it with a kiss
The Science of Flirting

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