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Factors You Should Know that Can Really Impact on Your Orgasm

Premature ejaculation or having an ordinary orgasm is a disappointment for both men and women. How does it feel spending just 2 minutes with a new catch you’ve been chasing for several months? Disappointing, right?

couple getting high impact in their orgasms
Get it right when you get in bed and achieve intense orgasms!

Now it’s time to get it right when you get in bed and achieve intense orgasms.

Get a Quiet Environment

Imagine your clients calling several times as you try to achieve a powerful orgasm? Keep off your smartphone. The noise from incoming mails, texts, and reminders will just shift your attention to achieve a powerful orgasm.

Loosen up all your electronics and let your boudoir be tech-free as well as stress-free.

Pay Attention to Your Flirty Texts

Flirty texts can have a huge impact on the success you get. In fact, a research on orgasms sampling over 52000 women and men with varying sexual orientations published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior reported that women who had received flirty emails and calls from their partners were likely to orgasm more.

Your Communication is Key

Apart from the random dirty talk you have with your fuck buddy, you also need to pay attention to proper communication. How confident are you? Your partner needs to know what you want and this will have a bearing on you reaching climax.

Direct and explicit communication has been found to make wonders in bed.

Avoid Getting Too Relaxed

Every partner has a part to play. It is common for most women to get a bit relaxed and forget playing their part. Remember you also need to stimulate your man. This way you will get to a mutual climax.

In case only the guy does the stimulation, he is likely to get to climax before you.

Make Your Queen Excited and Warm Her Up

Once you’re done will all the taking and flirting, you’re sure of a one night stand that you don’t want to spoil. You shouldn’t be tempted to just jump into the act even if she is begging for it.

You should however make her warm with your soft hands as well as your mouth. You can however use anything that will make her warm while you ignore her vagina and the clit.


Once in a while you should brush up her pussy gently. This exercise is solely meant to make her ready for sex. Better preparation and keeping her waiting will make her sufficiently wet before your next move.

Use Suitable Cunnilingus Methods to Stimulate Her Clit

This is where your mouth comes into play. Begin kissing your girl down from her belly and slowly move to your target. Once you get to her clit, begin to lick it gently while you move deeper.


Remember to do all this without any haste. This is meant to judge her sensitivity and stimulate her for the real game.

boyfriend about to make a big impact in her orgasm
Bring in your hands and fingers to help in stimulation.

Let the Fingers Do Other Stimulation

Things might get out of control and rocking. This is the time to bring in your hands and fingers to help in stimulation. You need to pay attention to her ass, thighs, and breasts. However, the last you would want is to get out of rhythm with what you’re doing with your mouth.

Let your fingers, mouth and soul be in a complete sexual rhythm.

Let Her Know You Love What You’re Seeing and Tasting

You need to let your queen know that you love the look and taste of her pussy. Let her know how much fun it is tasting her pussy. Convince her that she is the perfect woman you’ve been looking for. Things will just be rolling.

The Moment Has Arrived

Once everything is ready, you can slide in but you must keep it too gentle and slow. Take your time, she is all yours now. Please don’t be tempted to rush at this stage. Keep it cool and forget about the pleasure on your dick.

You can push slowly and pull out gently. Repeat this for about ten minutes while you keep strong eye contact. Focus on her pleasure, ensure she likes the move. You can then begin to increase your frequency, but still forget about your pleasure.

Sex Positions

This is where most people get it all wrong. While missionary style gives you a position to go deeper, but for what purpose?

This is for teenagers and not for buddies like you who are looking for something more than just cumming ten minutes into the act. The traditional doggy style and the cat position have been found to have very strong clitoral and intense G-spot stimulations.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness, despite making sex painful, will simply ruin your chance of achieving an intense orgasm. A lubricant will come in handy to make your nether regions more sensitive in case of dryness.

This way you will achieve an intense orgasm.

Learn the Art of Edging

This is where you bring yourself to near climax and stop. Once you have several rides for a few minutes, pull out and relax. She will be shaking to have you back, but make sure she doesn’t get bored.

Push in and increase your frequency, and when you feel like cumming, stop for a minute. Edging is something you can really have control over and has been found to have a huge impact on the intensity of your orgasms.

Just when you near your climax, get slow on what is making you near climax. You can then build up to this point, stop and repeat this several times.

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Take a Break

After you cum for the first time, cuddle for some time while you recover. A second orgasm is normally intense and easier to control. This is because you’re then relaxed and less tensed.

couple having a break after the big impact of their orgasms
Do you want more?: Keep the stimulation on during the break.

Keep the stimulation on during the break, and when it is time, slide back and this time increase your frequency. You are now in better control of your climax.


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