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How Electrosex can Amp up Your Sex Life

Have you ever heard someone say the sex they had with another person was totally "electrifying"? Well, they may have been speaking literally.

Wait, what?

electrosex on going in the room
Get started with that soft little sensation on the nipples.

Practitioners of BDSM won't be strangers to this concept. In fact, they'll probably give you the toys to try it out. But you don't have to be into "pleasurable pain" to actually really enjoy trying electrosex.

In fact, while it may seem totally mutually exclusive, electric stimulation and your sexy bits make an odd, but perfect, couple.

What is Electrosex?

For those of you not "in the know", electrosex is small, low-vibration electric pulses that stimulate the nerve endings. Think of it like a kinky little surprise: it's quick, arouses you through your genitalia and, just as suddenly, it's gone.

The short-and-sweet nature of these electric pulses is part of the reason practitioners of electrosex love to bring electrical impulses into the bedroom. It can be used in all sorts of devious (or nice) erotic games involving risk and reward.

And why the human body? Well, why not? We're over 80% water which makes us perfectly primed (no pun intended). Electrical impulses have an added benefit: their intensity can be turned down when it's too much or turned up to turn your partner on.

Let the Electrogames Begin

Now, we don't suggest undertaking electrosex which just a fuck buddy. Casual sex is not really the time (or place) to try something that requires such trust for the very first time.

Man caressing blindfolded woman
Start small, like any kinky play and then move up!

However, if you and your partner are casual but have tried this, separately, before then that might be okay - just make sure to have a good chat beforehand, laying out your boundaries, preferences and a safe word, as you would with all kink.

You might be wondering: If it's not kink, do I really need a safe word? Safe words are not just for BDSM practitioners. They can also be a useful way to keep the arousal going, stay in character (if you're involving roleplay in your sexual games, for example), not break up the sexual tension but let your partner know to begin to ease off.

Some partners also have a "start" word, something to indicate they're ready to up the stakes, as it were.

PRO TIP: Important!

Make sure to be using a water-based lube.

When delivered through electrosex pads and clamps, the intensity of the electrical impulse can be at you (or your partner's) leisure. It can be something exciting, soft and sensual. It can also, just as easily, be something more deliberate, intense and longer lasting.

Couples who use electrosex know that they've got to start small, like any kinky play, and move up in intensity gradually. This not only heightens sexual play and arousal, it also allows the body to get used to the sensation.

If you want to keep it steady this time and intensify it next time, you can do that as well.

Partners who do you electrosex can get quite creative with their erotic games. You can choose to play out scenarios of "light" dominance and submission or you could even choose to roleplay.

You can also use electrical stimulation to arouse your partner by be penetrating them and moving to the point of orgasm but using the electrical impulses as "warning" to not come.

Keeping Your Toy on the Pulse

Electro pads and electro sexy toys are what you'll want to use in the main. Please don't try and cook up some homespun set of wires and nodes - this is not a clamp-situation where you can sub "clothespins" for a nipple clamp, okay?

Electro sex pads generally come with a conductive gel but you should be applying them with the power off. This includes during insertion.

Once you've placed the pads where you'd like them, start at the very lowest setting. While it's off, check to make sure you're at that low setting before you power it on. In the beginning, if you're the administer of the electrical impulses (i.e. the one controlling the current), make sure to talk to your partner, get a sense of how they like it, how they're feeling and ask when (or if) they're ready for more.

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What are the Risks to Electrosex?

Obviously, if electrosex posed a major risk to people's lives, no one would be practicing it on the regs. But that comes with a lot of caveats.

Pay attention: Everyone has different "sensation" tolerance levels. And it's not just a "mental" thing, either. The conducting power of the actual impulse depends on sweat levels, natural skin oils, hair growth and more.

This means that it's not only the intensity of the current used. It matters where on the body you're putting the pads.

And each area comes with it's own "risks". For example, you may not have thought about it but a seemingly "harmless" place like the arms or calf muscles, when stimulated with enough of a current, can cause involuntary jerks and even painful muscle spams.

Think about when the doctor did that knee-jerk test when you were younger. It's a reaction to an external stimulus that you cannot control.

Also, ladies, listen up: a soft little sensation on your nipples is one thing. But the heart lies directly under the left breast bone. So avoid overstimulation to an already "tender" area. The kind of "sensation" you want to go for is like a slow "hum" or a vibration, even a pinprick.

PRO TIP: Turning it On

If you're just starting out, keep the electricity action below the belt and avoid the respiratory system.

You also want to make sure to place the electrodes close enough together that the area of the current remains small and contained. If you spread them too far apart, the current essentially runs along the entire length of the muscle.

And, lastly, do yourself a favour and move the electrodes often. Overstimulation can happen through the strength of the current but also the duration: If you continuously zap one area, it's going to get sort of irritated.

woman getting the electrosex vibes
Electrosex is about low-vibration electric pulses.

This doesn't only save your precious nerve endings, it actually makes things sexually exciting as you're already aroused and ready for more.

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