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Get Outside for Some NSA Kinky Fun by Dogging in Townsville

You've probably heard a lot about dogging, but have you actually had the chance to try it? Well, now you can. Thanks to Flirtfair, Townsville's dogging fans now have a golden opportunity to get outside and experience the sexual thrill of sex with strangers.

Townsville dogger woman sitting on a car
Explore the Aussie outback and coast like never before

Dogging in Townsville is much more common than you might think, and at Flirtfair, we can help you hook up with local meets. When you create an account with us, you'll instantly be able to get in touch with the city's dogging community. You can browse profiles, invite hot people out to a local park, or check out the dogging schedule.

Make friends, swap photos, start chats and get ready for an outdoor erotic experience like no other. Signing up takes no time at all and before you know it you'll be arranging to meet up for some outdoor pleasure.

All it takes is a couple of seconds, and you'll be on the road to a local dogging spot, preparing for a whole heap of fun.

What Makes Dogging Sex, Great Sex?

For those who aren't already aware of what dogging entails, here's a quick summary. Basically, dogging grew out of swinging. People got bored with heading to each others' houses for NSA sex and, as everyone seemed to have a car, it seemed natural to pick a spot where they could enjoy privacy to watch each other fuck in the great outdoors.

Soon, as mobile phones and the internet developed, whole dogging communities started to grow. Sometimes, 50 or more cars would turn up full of horny guys and girls. From Sydney to Perth and from Adelaide to Darwin, you can guarantee that dogging has been taking place, and northern Queensland is no exception.

In fact, dogging in Townsville is one of the city's undiscovered secrets. Spurred on by the warm tropical nights, the friendly atmosphere and a community who love to get physical, dogging in Townsville has boomed. So why stand on the sidelines? Dogging is great fun, and you'll meet plenty of locals who share your sexual passion. Give it a try - you won't regret it.

Townsville dogger couple getting intimate
Don't stand on the sidelines - Join Townsville's booming dogging community

A Quick Tour of Hotspots for Dogging in Townsville

Right. So you've decided that dogging sounds like your kind of scene. At Flirtfair, we know you're making the right decision, one that opens doors to a whole new world of sexual fun. So let's look in more detail about the dogging scene in northern Queensland to ease you into things.

It won't surprise you, but the first place to head is usually the beach. Aussies love the beach, and Queenslanders are no exception - especially when they want to get turned on by public sex. Expect to find beach dogging taking place every week at places like Rollingstone or Balgal Beach, far from the prying eyes of the authorities. Having sex by the ocean isn't the only attraction of dogging in Townsville. You could also catch the ferry over to Magnetic Island, where dogging is always a possibility, particularly with so many backpackers in the area.

Alternatively, you could stick to the mainland and meet up in one of the city's parks. Up near Lake Paluma is a popular spot for dogging in Townsville (although you'll need to be careful on the access road), but doggers love to get together on the Booroona Trail and Castle Hill as well. Naturally, because dogging is so related to cars, spots off the A1 are popular too. If you don't mind a 30 minute drive, you'll find massive dogging get togethers on the Bruce Highway near Cape Cleveland and Bowling Green Bay.

What to Expect When You Head Out Dogging in Townsville

Above all else, dogging is a sexual adventure. There's something incredibly liberating about having sex in public with people looking on, whether you are a man or a woman. The thrill of having multiple partners; the voyeuristic aspect and the risk of discovery - all of it comes together in a powerful erotic experience.

It's no surprise that Aussies are heavily into dogging. People do it all over the world. Us humans just love having public sex, there's no two ways about it. If you're one of the millions of people who fantasise about sex in public, dogging in Townsville is something you simply have to try, and Flirtfair make it extremely easy.

Sign up, make friends and agree to meet - it's as simple as that. Within hours, you could be on the highway, cruising to your first meet-up, before having sex with a group of beautiful Queenslanders. So don't be shy. Explore the Aussie outback and coast like never before by signing up for dogging in Townsville. You could have the sexual experience of a lifetime.

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