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Meet up with horny Sydney doggers when you become a member

Flirtfair is the ideal intro to dogging, a fetish for having sex in public places which is sweeping not just Australia but the whole world.

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"Are you keen to start dogging in Sydney?"

When you sign up you too can be a part of this secretive, sizzling hot community, who dare to do what most of us only fantasise about. You'll be able to go onto chatrooms where you can shoot the breeze with other dogging enthusiasts and find out when the next meet-up is going down.

Making friends in the community, swapping tips and steamy real-life experiences – it'll only whet your appetite to get out there and try it for yourself. And believe us, there are plenty of people on Flirtfair who are mad keen on dogging in Sydney and eager to get together whenever and wherever. The only question is: are you ready? Ready to experience rampant, shameless sex with an anonymous stranger in the great outdoors – spontaneous, raw, visceral, amazing? Doing it on a warm car bonnet or a picnic table or against a tree with a growing crowd watching and ready to take part? If you haven't tried it before, there's nothing like it. And with Flirtfair, you'll be getting as much dogging in Sydney as you can handle. So are you in? Hell to the yes!

How can you arrange to go dogging in Sydney?

For newbies, getting in on the dogging scene can be like hitting a brick wall. Doggers value their anonymity, and the location of favourite gathering spots is a closely guarded secret, with details given out to a select few at the last moment. To be sure, there are certain places in or near the city that are widely known to have a certain notoriety. Rumour has it that the Weir Reserve on the banks of the Nepean River at Penrith goes from being a popular birdwatching spot in the day to offering up a different kind of spectacle at night.

The same goes for the thick, shady woods of Rouse Hill Regional Park. Castle Hill Heritage Park's 20 hectares also offer plenty of private nooks and crannies for some sultry adult fun, all handily close to the Castle Towers shopping centre. Meanwhile, a popular hangout for doggers near Sydney is the lush, peaceful Nurrangingy Reserve. In fact, wherever there's a green, open space, chances are it's a good place for dogging in Sydney. But to avoid a wasted evening and ensure you're in exactly the right place at the right time, you need to be a member of Flirtfair. That way you can get all the latest updates and directions, guaranteeing a happy ending to your night's entertainment.

What sort of people go dogging in Sydney?

The kind of people you'll meet online through Flirtfair are as varied as the city itself. Hot young singles, buxom bored housewives, kinky couples, exhibitionists, voyeurs – doggers run the gamut. And they're everywhere. Who knows, a fellow dogger could be sitting next to you in the office even as you read this. But whether they're all about tearing each other's clothes off or they prefer to watch and keep to the sidelines, the one thing they have in common is that they're all addicted to the sheer buzz that comes from letting their passions run riot out in the open, for others to see. When you get involved with dogging in Sydney through Flirtfair, it's a bit like belonging to a really cool secret society (with great sex!). And that's why it's catching on so fast, with people signing up in droves – you never know precisely what the evening has in store, and each time you get in the car and set out for a meet-up, it's an adventure into the unknown.

couple having a dogging session on the beach
Sex in public places enhances the excitement

Getting involved with dogging in Sydney is now a cinch

The sense of danger, the mystique – they're all part of that special kick you get from dogging in Sydney. You still keep that feeling of naughtiness when you register with Flirtfair, but balanced with the speed and convenience of modern technology. Signing up is quick and simple, and think of the time you'll save through the great connections you'll make online. Trust us, there's someone waiting to hear from you this very second, and Sydney is full of quiet spots just perfect for getting up close and personal. Two adults letting off steam, and getting some fresh air too – what could be healthier? And remember you don't have to be a catwalk model or a major stud to be the star performers in this particular show – dogging is all about ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. So ignore those inner fears telling you to stay home in front of the TV. Sign up, find out what's going on in the city, then head on out there and get laid in a way you'll never forget.

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