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Flirtfair is Your Online Portal for Everything to do With Dogging in Melbourne

From the outside the world of dogging can seem shrouded in mystery and secrecy – and hey, let's face it, that's part of the appeal. But if you want to get on the inside of this exciting craze, there's one place to look – Flirtflair.

couple making out in a field of grass
Find partners who enjoy outdoor sex as much as you do

Once you've registered, you can go onto our chatrooms, find out where all the local hotspots for dogging in Melbourne are and make contact with other members of this growing community.

You'll be able to get the low-down on all the latest meet-ups, or organize something yourself in a place and at a time that's convenient for you. People new to the scene are sure to find the environment friendly and welcoming, with plenty of advice on basic do's and don'ts, but it's just as great for experienced doggers looking to expand their horizons.

Guys, girls, couples wanting to spice up their sex lives, everyone's welcome. And once you're a signed up member, Melbourne after dark will take on a whole new meaning as you jump in your car and drive to a whole host of happening locations in or around the city.

Find the Hottest Spots for Dogging in Melbourne

Dogging meet-ups take place after sundown, usually somewhere discreet but near enough to civilisation that you still get that frisson of excitement, knowing you're doing something illicit and taboo-breaking while close by people are going on with their ordinary lives.

Quiet corners of public parks and beaches, discreet car parks, bushwalks and trails just off a main road – these are all likely spots for enjoying some torrid public sex. And when it comes to places to go dogging in Melbourne, locals are seriously spoilt for choice.

A lot of get-togethers happen right under everyone's noses at Westgate Park on the waterfront, minutes from the city centre, within view of the bridge. Bayside's William Street Preserve also has a reputation as another prime site within easy driving distance.

Or if you want something a little more remote, there's the wild and rocky Sunnyside North Beach on the beautiful Mornington peninsula, a nudist beach by day that gets down and dirty at night.

But in order to avoid unwanted attention, the best places for dogging in Melbourne are constantly shifting, and if you want to keep abreast of this forever changing scene, then you need to log on to Flirtfair and watch out for last minute updates.

Discover the Excitement of Dogging with Flirtfair

You still might be asking, “But what exactly is the appeal of having sex in public? Why not just do it in a comfy bed like a sane person?” Well, that's hard to answer unless you've tried it yourself, and the truth is people get into it for different reasons.

For lots of single guys and girls, it's about stripping sex back to its primal essentials, the thrill of doing something very, very private and exposed right out there in the open, where there's a chance that you might get caught at any moment.

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Feel the excitement of having sex in public

For lots of doggers, there's an exhibitionist element too, the added arousal that comes from making out in front of an audience and getting them all hot under the collar. Meanwhile, there are others who don't want to get involved and just want to watch.

Whatever you're exact motivation, public sex is a huge adrenaline rush, something that's guaranteed to get your heart racing and blood pumping. And if you really want to know what it's like, then creating a Flirtfair account is a vital first step.

Sign up and experience public sex in Melbourne

When you register with Flirtfair, you'll discover that doggers come in all shapes and sizes. If you're a sex machine who likes to be the centre of attention, that's great, but if you're happier just looking on, that's fine too. And you don't have to be single.

You'll be surprised how many couples go dogging in Melbourne, whether it's to put on a free, X-rated show out there under the stars or to pair off with different partners.

Sometimes it's the wife putting on the show while the husband watches, or the other way round. True, in the past, dogging in Melbourne could be a hit or miss affair, with people prowling around the city more in hope than expectation, but it certainly doesn't have to be like that any more.

Once you've joined Flirtfair, you'll be able to chat and make friends with the rest of the community and get yourself plugged in to everything that's happening on the scene. So don't let another night go by – Register now and you could be out dogging in Melbourne faster than you can say.

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