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Love being watched while you get hot and steamy?

sexy Australian couple in a dogging sessionIf being watched while getting it on is your erotic fantasy, stop imagining and get the real thing when you register with Flirtfair.

Your free registration allows you to meet the hottest, most beautiful women in the country who also want to experience the illicit excitement of having sex in public places. If having people watch you and get turned on by your body and your partners body is the ultimate thrill for you, then this is the perfect casual sexual activity for you.

Thousands of people admit to this being one of the biggest turn ons ever, and it popularity is growing daily! If privacy seems boring, dull and definitely done, take it outside and get yur clothes off in full view of a (no-doubt envious) passer by!

There are lots of places where you can go dogging, including car parks, nature park, public bathroom, forest, bus, theatre or beach! The hottest voyeur and exhibitionist craze is now becoming more and popular as you can tell by the amazing women on our site who are looking for willing sex partners just like you.

Women and men all over the country are getting connected with willing and horny partners for dogging adventures and sexy trysts at any time of the day or night. Just think about how many like-minded partners there are out there? Well you can meet them all on Flirtfair.

Arranging a hookup is really easy and you will start receiving requests from sexy and available girls and guys straight after you join.

Where to hookup with fellow doggers

Australia is a great place to find places and people to enjoy dogging with. There are great parks, beaches and natural areas, along with malls, car parks, boardwalks, theatres and more where you can get it on.

If you're interested in wife dogging you can meet partners who want to join you in a threesome or find stunning blondes, brunettes or redheads that want to head outdoors for some sexual adventure.

Whether you enjoy slender, curvy, athletic or boyish women, you will find them among the hundreds of ladies who love the idea, all right here on our pages. Looking for a muscle man or lean machine with a body to die for? Find them on Flirtfair!

Naked dogger woman lying on the grass

There are awesome places to go dogging in Sydney, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria- in fact all over the land. If the capital city is your home base try a boat ramp at lake Gininderra, Ryan's lookout or the skatepark at Hervey Bay after 10 p.m. In Queensland you can head out to Coomera boat ramp, Fernando street dog park or the bird hides at Town Common in Townsville, just use your imagination and, after all, the thrill is about getting caught.

If you like it outside or you like it public, then experience the steamy sexuality for yourself with one, two, three or more sex partners. Go all-natural or dress in stilettos, stockings and role play to your heart's content. Come in lingerie, jeans, or a coat with nothing else, come wet and horny or get wet watching, come with your wife or husband, come with your same sex partner to enjoy the best in public sex at some of the best outdoor areas and landmarks in the land.

Voyeur vs. exhibitionist or swingers - You decide!

It goes both ways when it comes to dogging. We have listings for members who like to watch, those who like to perform, and those who like to do both. We have members who want to dog with their partners or engage in swinging sex in a public place with other couples.

It doesn't matter what you like most, simply register to start meeting like-minded partners immediately. Within minutes of signing up you will be able to browse dozens of fantastic photo profiles and pick you ideal partner or partners. You can bet you will find a dogging site within just 10 minutes of where you live and you could head out tonight! This trend is really taking Oz by storm and is it any wonder? It's hotter than hot!

couple making love in backseat of a car

If you're a woman interested in some MFM action or a guy wanting to get sandwiched between two super-breasted beauties, now is the time to try it.

What could be sexier than cool, fresh air, the metal of a car, grass under your back or bending her over a big boulder or park bench?

Our listings give you access to pictures and details so you'll know exactly what you can look forward to and some of the guys on our site have amazing packages! You're invited to register and tell a few friends or register as a couple, it's all ok here on Flirtfair.

Forget the hum drum or work and responsibilities and unleash your true sexual identity. This is about being finally satisfied the way you've always wanted, with people who love what you do and are craving it right now.

How to get public sex with strangers - no strings!

You can get the best once-off sexual dogging with anybody you want here on our website. Our listings contain both men and women who are looking to get laid right now. We have LGBT members who like to have dogging parties with like-minded people so get on board and don't miss out! We guarantee your safety and privacy too. If risqué or scandalous sex is the best kind for you, then this is the perfect naughty evening for you. If you just want to watch others put on a show or want to participate in threesomes, group sex or just want to add spice to a flagging sexual relationship then you will definitely enjoy your Flirtfair membership. Sexy swinger couples, singles, groups and all sexual orientations join in the fun, wherever and whenever they get the chance.

And why not? You're all consenting adults, free to do as you like and explore your sexuality! You can go for kinky, fetish, gang bangs or whatever you enjoy, no questions asked on our site!

There are lovely ladies all over Australia looking for the best partners who want no-strings sex and are ready for it right now. Choose daytime dogging, nightime fun or a lunchtime quickie, before going back to work with wet panties - it's up to you but get ready to have the time of your life with our naughty and nice members.

Take advantage of great weather and get grinded on the beach or get filled by two men in the warm rain, we know you want to. These days couples go for what they want and so can you. Meet women and men of all ages who want to play rough, dirty and sexy with as many different partners as possible.

Your free registration gets you so many benefits and the sex you really want. What more could you ask for? Come and see what we have to offer and we promise you'll be amazed!

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