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What Can Your Birthday Tell You About Your Sex Life?

Have you ever wondered why you have a much higher sex drive than your friends? Have you ever thought about exactly why it is you have a penchant for dogging? While your sexual proclivities are determined by everything from your genetics to your environment, astrology might also play a role.

couple bonding because of the Month they were born
Want to know about the sexual proclivities according your Month's birth date?

According to some astrologists, your birth sign (or birth month) can determine your relationship with sex. And if you believe in this branch of fortune-telling, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to figure out why.

The time of year you were born is said to have a strong influence on your character, your personality and your desires.

Whether you’re in a relationship with a fuck buddy or a long-term partner, you can benefit from knowing how your birthday relates to your sexual life.

You can use the information to build on your strengths or work on your shortcomings, ensuring your sex life is as gratifying and fulfilling as it possibly can be — for both you and your partners.

Here’s a rough guide to the connection between birthdays and sexual characteristics. Don’t worry if you don’t fit into a particular pigeon-hole, as we’re all different. If nothing else, you can use this information to learn a little bit about yourself.

does being born in January influences your sex life?


If you were born during January, you may have kinky proclivities, according to astrologers. Particularly if you’re a Capricorn, there’s a good chance that you love to experiment in the bedroom.

does being born in February influences your sex life?


If your birthday is in February, you’re one of life’s adventurers. While you’re passionate, things don’t always come easy for you. In relation to your sex life, this mean you might have to work harder to achieve your sexual goals. But once you do, they’re so much sweeter.

does being born in March influences your sex life?


You’re a real bed-lover if your birthday is in March. Yes, you like your sleep, but you also like long and steamy sex sessions under the covers. You’re not in a rush, so you like to take your time to savour the excitement and emotion of it all. While eroticism is important, you’re more likely to make spirituality during sex a priority. Embrace this side of your personality, as most people appreciate a caring, considerate lover.

does being born in April influences your sex life?


If you were born during April, you’re probably an independent soul. You like to be in charge in the bedroom, which means you’re probably a dom. But despite this ruthless streak, you like to give the person you’re having sex with your undivided attention — you don’t think about anyone else. You’re probably very intense in bed, which is great for people who like that. However, you might come over as a little too domineering with some people and ideal partner for casual sex seekers.


If you’re an April lover, try to rein back your sexual preferences until you know your partner fully.

does being born in May influences your sex life?


Those born in May appreciate being loved and cared for, and they cherish comfort. If this is you, you probably like sex to be the same. You want to spend time exploring your partner’s body in the comfort of a huge four-poster bed, rather than getting down and dirty in the great outdoors.


While it might seem counterintuitive, try stepping outside your comfort one now and then — you don’t want to come over as boring and predictable.

does being born in June influences your sex life?


People born in June are naturally inquisitive, and they hate not being in the loop about absolutely anything. In terms of sex, this often manifests itself in the variation of sexual positions you want to try. Don’t be afraid to be yourself; if you want to explore every facet of your sexuality, find someone who wants to do exactly the same thing.

does being born in July influences your sex life?


People born in July are often very emotional beings, and they are better equipped for forming lasting relationships. If this is you, you probably treat sex the same way. You want to truly connect with your partner during sex, and you thrive on the emotional, spiritual connection that takes place at the point of orgasm. You also love to nurture and protect, which makes you a very caring and considerate lover.

does being born in August influences your sex life?


People born in August tend to be unpredictable. Some days you might act selfishly, while a more generous side of your nature might be expressed at other times. You may also be unpredictable in the bedroom too. There may be times when you want slow, emotional sex during which you connect with your partner on a spiritual level. However, there may also be times when all you want to do is satisfy your animal urges in the most shocking way possible. This unpredictability might make forming lasting relationships a challenge — so keep working at it.

does being born in September influences your sex life?


You might be passionate if your birthday is in September, but that doesn’t mean your partners know it. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’re guarded when it comes to your emotions, your wants, and your desires. Work out being open about your sexual preferences. This might be hard at first, but it should become easier over time.

does being born in October influences your sex life?


People born in October tend to be creatives, and that includes being creative in the bedroom. You may like to plan very detailed and adventurous sexual scenarios that include an element of role play. You always have a clear picture in your mind about how you want sex to go, and you do everything you can to make sure it happens.

does being born in November influences your sex life?


Passion burns in your heart and your loins all of the time. In fact, if you were born in November, you’re about as passionate in the bedroom as a person can be. You’re also one of life’s romantics, and you’re able to combine romance and sex to create long-lasting relationships.

does being born in December influences your sex life?


People with a December birthday are usually creative in bed, and they know exactly what they want. However, they can sometimes lack the emotional intelligence to nurture romantic relationships in the bedroom. If this is you, don’t lose your sense of sexy fun, but try working on the romantic side of things.

The chances are you’ve seen a little of yourself in these descriptions. Whether they relate to your date of birth or not, use your personality traits to make your sex life as fulfilling as it can be.

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