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How to achieve clitoral and vaginal orgasm at the same time

Basically, clitoral orgasms come faster since the area is so accessible. However, the G-spot orgasm that is named after the dime-size pleasure zone behind the inner vaginal wall is considered more intense since they reverberate from within the body.

Woman having a blended orgasm
Imagine blending the G-spot and clitoral orgasms

Remember: by having your clitoris and G-spot stroked, you get a mixture of unique sensations of each peak. You'll definitely have a longer and deeper experience. One can experience a blended orgasm when:


Of course, you know what works best for you. You can try stimulating your clitoris. Upon levying up, you want to insert the G-spot curved toy and hit the spot. When you do the two simultaneously, you'll definitely achieve a breathtaking blended orgasm!

During Oral

How about have your boyfriend or sex buddy focus on the clitoris. When you're turned on but haven't orgasmed yet, let him slowly insert a finger in a come-hither motion. You can help him find your G-spot by laying on your back and propping up your legs. Basically, the G-spot is about halfway between the vagina and cervix and should feel a little rough. You'll definitely achieve a crazy orgasm.

Having sex

Either way, you can first have the clitoris stimulated using orals or fingers. Later, when you're turned on, doggy style can be worthwhile. Lower yourself so that you're propped up on your elbows, you should tilt your pelvis for maximum G stimulation.

You have to ensure you're vaginally orgasmic

Of course, many women are unable to achieve G-spot orgasm; probably because they're unable to stimulate their G-spots. That's natural. That doesn't mean you can't have a blended orgasm. First, you need to locate your G-spot which is just inside your vagina; about two inches in. you should be in a position to feel it when using two fingers in the vagina in a 'come here' motion.

Girl reaching climax during sex with her partner
Having a blended orgasm also requires commitment from you partner

You need to know how to achieve clitoral orgasms

Of course, blending requires both the G-spot and clitoral orgasms. Learning how to stimulate the clitoris for clitoral orgasms can be worthwhile. Fortunately, a majority of women climax from clitoral orgasm anyway. Although different women vary in sensitivity, exploring the entire clit can be mind-blowing! Licking it or playing with it using fingers or toys can achieve a clitoral orgasm.

Taking up the right position

Upon knowing how to stimulate for the two orgasms, you can now consider taking up the right positions. Of course, not all sex positions favor a blended orgasm. Some sex positions favor G-spot orgasm while others boost the clitoral orgasm. That's alright. However, you'll want to try those that seem to stimulate for both clitoral and G-spot orgasm. For instance, one can take on a rear-entry doggy style position. Upon tilting the pelvis to access the G-spot, the man can then use two fingers in a slow circular motion to stimulate the clit and have the two orgasms simultaneously!

Understanding that it requires practice

Of course, becoming a pro at anything requires much of practice. A blended orgasm is not an exemption. Achieving a blended orgasm takes practice. You'll need to understand the whole body really well; exploring what feels well and what doesn't. communicating those findings with your fuck buddy can be worthwhile. After all, everything is a learning process- if you'll not achieve a blended this time, you'll achieve it next time.

Learning the ropes on your own

As mentioned earlier, achieving a blended orgasm requires commitment from both parties. However, learning the ropes on your own then directing him is even better!

Pro Tip: Lie on your back comfortably and let your body distress. Stroke your clitoris lightly. As you're more aroused, increase the speed until you're close to the peak. At this point, you're able to locate the G-spot more easily.

Masturbating first prior having his strokes

Of course, if you've never experienced a blended orgasm in your entire life, you'll definitely not have it at your first trial. However, when trying out for the first time, you'll want to try masturbating first.

Pro Tip: Grab a sex toy and head to the bathroom for solo fun prior to having sex with your man. Stimulate your G-spot and clitoris until you're turned up. Ensure you've not orgasmed. Of course, you'll have a better chance to achieve a blended orgasm.

Switching back and forth on both the clitoris and G-spot

Another way of ensuring you get a blended orgasm is by switching back and forth between stimulating the G-spot and the clitoris. Masturbating is the best way to achieving the blended orgasm. Of course, the oral treatment can still be powerful. Anyhow, switching the two stimulation is done until a climax is reached; you'll definitely lose control and experience the breathtaking climax!

Blond woman achieving a blended orgasm
Achieving a blended orgasm is a mind-blowing experience

Natural arousal

Blended orgasms require you to be aroused naturally. Forcing it won't work. You can opt to start by arousing yourself to get in the mood. Keeping in the mood is vital in combining the two climaxes and create one mind-blowing orgasm. Try dreaming up your sexiest fantasy. You can even tease your nipples and rub the thighs. Watching some pornography can also be worthwhile! In addition, you can try a dirty chat to keep aroused!

You need to administer proper lubrication

Of course, orgasm is not necessarily a quickie. It calls for more advanced techniques to trigger the two orgasms. Also, more time to master the skill is vital. In all these, you need to ensure you're comfortable with least resistance to exploration and stimulation. How about ensuring you're well lubricated? You can buy organic lubes such as Aloe Cadabra or Hydra Lubricant to feel naturally lubricated and have a long-lasting lubrication.

Of course, achieving an orgasm can be a mind-blowing experience! However, you need to learn how to go about it. For instance, tired hands and wrists can kill the mood. You'll want to bring in some special sex toys aiming at specific spots that trigger the blended orgasms!

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