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9 Sexual Positions That Guarantee Her a Great Orgasm

A range of issues contribute to the strength of an orgasm. Things like foreplay, role playing, the clothes your partner is wearing and a range of other circumstances dictate how strong and orgasm will be. However, perhaps the single most important factor for a natural orgasm is the sex position you both assume.

blonde lady having an orgasm with the edge of glory position
Deliver her the most intense orgasms with this position!

As well as achieving deep penetration, certain positions stimulate the clitoris directly, which can intensify an orgasm and make the entire experience more memorable. Rather than rely on the same old sex positions that have served you well over the years, it’s a good idea to experiment with different positions to see which of them deliver the most intense orgasms.

To get you and your partner started, here are some of the most popular and successful sex positions in use today.

1. Edge of Glory

A lot of men forget that most women need direct contact with their vagina in order to climax. And the standard missionary position just isn’t going to cut it.

Edge of glory involves the woman lying on the very edge of the bed, presenting her vagina with her legs spread.

The man assumes a standing position whilst entering the woman. The man should slowly move in and out whilst gently rubbing the clitoris. Just as the woman is about to climax, the man pulls out and does a little kissing and caressing before going again.

2. The Pinball Wizard

This energetic sex position involves the man kneeling down and the woman lying on her back with her legs either side. The man pulls the woman’s legs up — bringing her vagina to his penis.

Supporting her legs, he enters her, and starts thrusting while her legs are suspended in the air.

For added erotic excitement, one of the woman’s legs should rest on the man’s shoulder.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

This position involves the man lying on his back and the woman straddling him whilst facing away.

The woman does most of the work here, but the man can increase the clitoral sensations by slowly gyrating.

4. Attention All Holes

This sex position involves both partners lying on their side, facing the same way.

The man slowly enters the woman from behind before reaching around and inserting a finger in her vagina at the same time.

He then gently inserts a finger covered in lube into her anus. The man then gets to work with his penis and two fingers at the same time — which usually results in an explosive orgasm.

5. Doggie Style

This is a classic, as it provides a the perfect angle for deep penetration. The woman kneels down on all fours and assumes the standing position of a dog.

The man approaches from behind and penetrates the woman with his knees tucked into the woman’s.

For balance and extra thrust, the man usually holds onto the woman’s hips.

For added pleasure, rub the clitoris whilst thrusting.

the doggy position might be a good sex position as well
Find the perfect angle for deep penetration and enjoy....

6. The Pressure Cooker

This one is more of a seven-day campaign than a sex position. The idea is to ban all orgasm for six days.

However, you can both have sex, but it needs to stop before either of you climax. It might involve just a few strokes every morning or some mutual masturbation.

On the seventh day, you set aside a couple of hours and simply play with one another… enjoying one another’s body in a sensual, passionate way.

Build up to slow and intense sex facing one another, and there’s a good chance that you will both have a very powerful orgasm.

7. Bodyboarding

In order to stimulate the clitoris during sex, you will need to be adventurous about your positions. If you’re both up for something a little different, why not give bodyboarding a try?

The woman goes on top, and does most of the work. However, it puts her in charge of the process, which means she can assume a position, rhythm and intensity that delivers maximum stimulation of her clitoris.

The woman lies on top of the man, but stretches her legs straight and balances herself by gripping his shins with her toes.

She then rests her forearms on the man’s chest, or places them on the bed at either side of the man’s torso. The idea here isn’t to achieve penetration; it is to use the man’s erection as a sort of dildo.

If the woman can get her positioning just right, she can rub her clitoris against the erection in exactly the right spot.

8. G-spot Delight

A woman’s G-spot is the key to unlocking the most powerful orgasms. Unfortunately, its exact location can differ from woman to woman, and men must make the time and effort to find it.

Thankfully, there is one position that hits the spot on most occasions. It involves the woman lying on her back with her legs resting on the shoulders of the man.

The uses the woman’s hips for leverage as he enters her. This position gives a man a clear route to full penetration whilst tightening the walls of the vagina.

9. Missionary

Yes, everybody does it, but not many people get it right. Instead of the woman simply lying there and having everything done for her, she can take a more proactive role in her search for an orgasm.

Deeper penetration and more contact with the clitoris can be achieved by the woman wrapping her legs tightly around the man’s hips.

To turn the sex up to 11, the man can lift himself up with straightened arms while the woman stretches her legs in the air.

traditional missionary is a position always worth trying
Get a deeper penetration by having her wrap her legs around your hips.

A surprising number of women go without real orgasms because of poor technique. They either fake them in order to protect the feelings of their partner or bring on their own orgasm after the event.

Either way, this is rarely a good thing for a relationship. Some women find it easier to climax than others, so it pays to experiment with as many positions as you can find.

Put the hard work in now, and your sex life can be improved forever.

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