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9 Reasons Why Most Women Don't Enjoy Sex

Most women have been found to really struggle to enjoy sex. In fact, according to a health report published by Cleveland Clinic, 10 to 20% of women never achieve orgasm. The issue could be psychological, physical or both.

disappointed girl in bed because she can't enjoy sex
Do you want to know what to do to feel more connected?

If your girl doesn't enjoy sex, she might end up feeling less connected, therefore it is important to address the issue as soon as it occurs.

#1 Pain Caused by Inflammation or Endometriosis

There are always complications with pelvic floor muscles and bladder control. However, when it comes to painful sex, pelvic muscles are found to become too tight. This is a common problem for women who have endometriosis chronic inflammation.

Pain and stress have also been found to make women tense their pelvic floor muscles. The presence of endometriosis at the uterus can lead to deep pain during intercourse.

#2 Hormonal Changes

When a woman's body is struggling with hormonal changes, she is likely to experience pain during intercourse. Hormonal changes are frequent in the early stages of postpartum period or in the early stages of menopause.

During these stages, estrogen drops and this leads to vaginal walls becoming thinner and drier, which leads to sharp pain during sex.

#3 Traumatic Birth

Most women are advised not to have sex for at least six weeks after giving birth. Unfortunately, a good number of them are unable to enjoy sex for several months.

If you have had a traumatic birth, particularly if you have had vaginal tearing or perineal tearing, the presence of a scar tissue will cause a lot of discomfort during sex. Such discomfort will in addition make you tense your pelvic floor muscles thus leading to more pain.

#4 Pelvic Organ Prolapse

If you have a pelvic organ prolapse, you are likely to experience some pain with sexual intercourse. Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when the cervix and the uterus are sagging low, where a penetrative act becomes more sensitive and painful.

women that don't talk about their unsatisfactory sex life
Most women just lie on the sheets and don't talk about it!

In such a case you should look for an appropriate support device fitted by a physiotherapist or a professional gynecologist. If you have this and dry vaginal walls, try an estrogen cream prescribed by a doctor.

You can also try copious amounts of lubricant during sex.

#5 Flirt with your Partner

Before you go to bed to eat her pussy, you need to have a dirty chat online. Talk of wild things that make her aroused. You can send her a pic showing your muscles. As a woman, you can send your guy a photo of you in a bikini.

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This will arouse him and set things right before you meet for the real act.


When you're together, you can read an erotic novel or watch an erotic movie. You're just setting the environment right for a steamy sex.

#6 Lack of Adequate Stimulation

This is an interesting topic as it now engages both parties in a sexual intercourse. Most women just lie on the sheets and expect the man to do all the stimulation. This is disastrous.

You have an equal responsibility to stimulate your man because in the process, you also get stimulated more. It has been found that women full stimulation takes approximately 45 minutes.

After this, the pelvic floor muscles are fully relaxed and the cervix and uterus have moved a little upwards. In addition, there is more lubrication and vaginal entrance has widened and lengthened.

Trying to move in with less than 25 minutes of foreplay is an ingredient for painful sex.

As a man you need to know how to handle your girl to see that she enjoys and even begs for more. Invest most of your time in foreplay. There is a lot to do other than your world class strokes that will only cause her intense pain.

Kiss her while biting her lips gently and your fingers on her clit. Do this for a few minutes and then move your tongue on the clit. This is where you need to play the game right. You need to chew your fuck buddy's pussy.

Rub your lips gently on the clitoris until she begins to screen out of pleasure. Before you slide in, just make sure she is well lubricated.

#7 Get Slow at First

When things are right for you to get in, just do it slowly. You have all the time in the world to make her feel that you're the man she's been looking for. Slide in and pull out slowly. Do this for a few minutes while kissing her and touching her breasts.

sexy brunette that can not enjoy sex.
Some women find a real struggle to enjoy sex.

You can then begin to do gentle strokes while making sure you get the best eye contact. Don't pay attention to the pleasure on your dick. You might end up reaching climax at this point. Continue with gentle strokes and withdraw when you near climax.

At this point she will be begging for more and you can begin to increase your frequency. Do it for several minutes withdrawing every time you near climax. This way, you will be able to last longer and satisfy her sexually.

#8 Sexual Chemistry

You need to carefully choose your sexual partner. This is particularly important if you are engaging in casual sex. You need to choose a partner who is sexually experienced.

A partner who is not driven by sex will only make the whole experience one-sided and you can be sure you won't get a powerful orgasm or you may end up with a premature ejaculation.

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#9 Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Women who suffer from low libido always have low sexual desire. This is the typical disinterest in sex and most women with this disorder aren't just afraid of sexual intimacy, but have a deficiency of sexual desire.

couple cuddling because she couldn't enjoy sex
Choosing carefully your sexual partner is part of the deal.

A disease, hormonal deficiency, and antidepressant drugs can lead to this disorder. This can really ruin most relationships.

The details given in the text will help you know the reasons why some women don't enjoy sex and tips to fix that if lack of proper stimulation is a causative agent.

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