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8 Songs That Make Masturbating a More Rewarding Experience

It seems like there is a music playlist for just about every activity these days, and masturbation is no different. Yes, the act of pleasuring yourself until climax now has a soundtrack, and it can enhance the experience and heighten the orgasm you achieve.

what about some cozy masturbation time
Masturbating is about sensuality, having some fun and...

Playing a combination of sensual tracks and sexy rock ballads can create an intoxicating atmosphere. The next time you decide to touch yourself, make sure these songs are playing in the background.

1. Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld

This song, at first listen, appears to be an innocent pop track sang by a cute teenager. But listen to the lyrics, and you will soon discover that it is far more than that. The song is about the urges a young woman feels when she’s lying in bed without her partner beside her.

Of course, there are several interpretations to be drawn from the sensual lyrics, but for the purposes of masturbation, you can assume it’s about someone “loving” one’s self until climax. Among the erotically charged lyrics are “feeling good on my own without you”, “I’m gonna put my body first” and “love me so hard ‘til it hurts”.

2. You’re Makin’ Me High by Toni Braxton

This song oozes sensuality and sexuality, and includes more than a few groans and grunts. For times when you want to masturbate slowly and deliberately, this is the perfect tune. As well as a soulful backing track, the sexy voice of Braxton makes this track something special.

Among the erotic lyrics are “I can imagine you touching my private parts”, “I can’t help but touch myself” and “you know I want it so bad”.

3. I Don’t Need No Man by The Pussycat Dolls

Just watching the video for this track for a few seconds will get you in the mood. This is an up-tempo track that is all about female independence. If you’re in the mood to get a little rough and ready with yourself, this is the perfect tune.

The dulcet tones of Nicole Scherzinger are fast and furious, and they’re certain to give your masturbating a different dimension. Listen for the lyrics “I can get off when you ain’t around”, which are pretty self explanatory!

4. Don’t Let Go by En Vogue

There’s nothing like a soulful voice, sensual lyrics and a deep beat to get the action going when you’re alone. Don’t Let Go may not be about masturbation per se, but it is packed with sensual lyrics that might inspire fantasies you’d forgotten about.

If you’re missing your partner, this could be the song for you, thanks to the following lyrics: “If I could wear your clothes, I’d pretend I was you and lose control”.

5. Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj

The title of this track tells you everything you need to know about it. Not only do you get the seductive rapping skills of Nicki Minaj, you get backing vocals from one of the sexiest, most sexual pop stars in the world today… Beyonce.

Mrs. Jay Z repeats the lyric “I’m feeling myself” several times throughout the song, while Minaj goes into great detail about what she likes to get up to behind close doors.

Minaj says: “Bitch, never left but I’m back at it, and I’m feelin’ myself, jack rabbit”. Is she talking about her vibrator here? Who knows… who cares?

6. I Touch Myself by Divinyls

This is a classic track with a pretty obvious theme. This woman is sick and tired of touching herself, so she talks about wanting her man above her.

However, she just can’t resist getting down and dirty with herself at the mere thought of her man; hence the lyrics: “when I think about you I touch myself”.

This is a song about a woman who finds her man a huge turn on — the ultimate form of flattery for a red-blooded male.

7. Time is Running Out by Muse

There will be times when you feel like climaxing as soon as possible, and when those feelings strike, you need something that rocks out to an up-tempo beat.

Time is Running Out by Muse is the perfect combination of rock anthem and sensuosity.

The track switches between screaming vocals and rock guitars effortlessly, which is perfect for timing each stroke and keeping the speed up.

8. She Bop by Cyndi Lauper

It’s time to go back to the 1980s, and what better singer to turn to than Cyndi Lauper. The cute songstress simply oozes sexuality, and she lets us all know it in this song.

The song is about a teenager who is just coming to terms with her sexual feelings. The lyrics talk about “tight blue jeans in the pages of a Blue Boy magazine”.

Lauper also sings “I can’t stop messin’ with the danger zone”, which is an oblique reference to masturbation. This was a groundbreaking track when it was released in 1984, as it passed radio and TV censors whilst talking about the taboo subject of female masturbation.

If you’re feeling in a retro mood, get your rocks off to this pop classic.

Masturbating isn’t always about sensuality. Sometimes it’s about a quick relief, while other times it’s about having some fun. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s probably a song here to get you in the mood.

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