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7 Top Tips for Hooking Up at Music Festivals

Music festivals are a celebration of music, but they’re usually so much more. The party atmosphere, combined with a never-ending supply of alcohol, has been known to get people a little hot under the collar.

sexy people at a music festival
Think about it, festivals are about dancing, meeting strangers and...

Make no mistake: The atmosphere at these events is charged with sexual electricity — which means there are usually countless opportunities to hook up with sexy men and women. But how can you be sure that your perfect fuck buddy will be attending the same festival?

Casual sex is usually on offer at these events, but you might be looking for a very particular type of person. Whether you’re new to the world of music festivals or a seasoned pro, here are a few tips you should follow to ensure you hook up with the sex buddy of your dreams.

#1 Choose the Right Festival

There’s no point going to a classical music festival if you’re looking for a young, sexy rock chick. Looking for love or casual sex at a country music festival is going to be difficult if you want someone who loves club music.

Before you do anything, you need to choose the festival that will be attended by the men or women you’re looking for.

The music festival you choose needs to be lots of fun, and an event that is conducive to dancing and meeting strangers. Although it’s not a necessity, attending festivals where you know alcohol will be served will improve your chances of getting lucky.

PRO TIP: The Right Type of Festival!

Only attend festivals that you’d normally attend, otherwise your heart simply won’t be in it.

#2 Have a Few Drinks

While this isn’t completely necessary, anything you can do to remove your own inhibitions and relax a little will help you to hook up. While you obviously shouldn’t get drunk, you should have a few drinks to loosen you up a little.

A good way of striking the perfect balance is to alternate between water and alcohol. But beware: Gorgeous women won’t be impressed if you come stumbling over smelling like a brewery. Keep some mints on you at all times, and make sure you’re drinking your beer — and not wearing it - if you know what I mean!.

#3 Don’t be Afraid to Wrestle your Way Around

A lot of modern music festivals are packed with people from the start, so being polite and asking people to let you through the crowds isn’t going to work. If you aren’t prepared to squeeze your way through throngs of festival goers, you aren’t going to reach the people who catch your eye.

man shoulder carrying a pretty lady at a festival
You can make the first move by letting her sit on your shoulders.

Of course, you shouldn’t be rude, abusive or overly physical but you should use your arms and shoulders to muscle your way to areas of the festival where people dance. These areas are usually where you will be able to hook up without too much difficulty.

If you’re a little nervous about pushing people out of the way to get around, wait for large groups that are moving in your direction, and use them as your “battering ram”.

PRO TIP: Get Prepared and Be Social

Do your homework before you attend the event. Where are the best places for meeting up with people? Where are the best places for dancing? Are there specific places that are hives of social activity at certain points of the day? Plan your movements in advance, and you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of hooking up.

#4 Get Noticed

It’s important to remember that every attractive woman at a music festival will getting lots of attention. After all, thousands of people attend the most popular events. Anything you can do to set yourself apart from the masses will improve your chances of hooking up.

Wear something out of the ordinary, or dance in a way that will attract attention. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can always bump into someone by “accident”. Smile, be yourself and, above all, be lots of fun.

#5 Make your Move

Be prepared to shout at girls throughout the festival, as the music is usually deafening. However, it’s important to keep your distance, as shouting directly into someone's ear isn't exactly the best way to introduce yourself.

Once you’ve shared a few dance moves and lingering looks, it’s time to introduce yourself. Wait until there’s a pause between songs, and ask her what her favourite band is. If there is a spark, the conversation about music will flow — which is a great ice breaker.

When the music starts up again, stay close, and dance to the limit of your ability. When the next break comes, ask her if she’d like to dance with you. And if things really start taking off, ask if you can buy her a drink when the set finishes.

PRO TIP: Be Cool & Fun!

No one wants to hear about how awful your job is or how poorly your dog is when they’re trying to have fun at a music concert. Keep the conversation light and carefree, and try to be witty and charming.

#6 Don’t be too Forward

The main mistake most guys make when trying to hook up with women at music festivals is being too forward. The vast majority of women don’t go to these events looking for sex, so don’t assume that anyone you approach will simply fall into your tent with you.

Don’t grab anyone, and be respectful of personal space. If you get the impression that your presence isn’t wanted, it’s best to cut your losses and move onto the next person. Pushing your luck or lingering around a woman for too long will make you look like a sleaze, and that will be noticed by other girls in the area.

attractive blonde girl approaching a handsome guy at a festival
With the right approach guarantee yourself a weekend of hot sex!

#7 Take Things Slowly

Women aren’t going to have sex with you just an hour or so after meeting you. You will need to put the effort in. During the early stages of your new friendship, simply try to be charming and entertaining.

If you’re doing all the right things, the sex will come later. Make sure you don’t drink too much, and refrain from talking about sex. With a little patience and the right attitude, your efforts should be rewarded.

Music festivals are great places for hooking up, but they don’t guarantee a weekend of hot sex. As long as you’re willing to work at it, you should be able find the women that can rock your world.

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