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13 Ways To Avoid Rejection

Human being, well, at least a greater majority of them, want nothing but the best. It is a notion that is evident especially in the dating game, where almost everyone wants to be with someone with a good background or social status.

guy in the park needing a tip to avoid rejection
Keep it sweet to get the desired attention.

This is why it is almost always likely to get a 'NO' from someone rather than a 'YES'. We expound on ways that you can change this around and avoid rejection.

#1 Keep It Brief

Remember that we live in a competitive world, and if you get a chance to chat with someone you are interested in, it is better to keep it brief. Other than that, the person might end up getting bored or they simply are looking at other people as well.

Keep it sweet to get attention and brief enough to leave them wanting some more.

#2 Get Straight To The Point

Let me explain, it doesn't mean that you should make a suggestion like, if the two of you get together you can become swingers! It might not be that you made a bad suggestion, it is only that you made it too soon.

By straight to the point, it means that you should be emotionally available to show the person that you are serious, allowing them to know what they are 'up against.'

#3 Keep It Relevant

When you flirt, the underlying meaning of what you are doing is that you are basically looking for sex, It is wiser to keep all forms of communication relevant to this topic and not veer to others that might confuse the entire thing.

You should make it clear to yourself whether you want a serious relationship or just a casual partner, for example.

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#4 Use The Right Body Language

Here's why body language is the hidden form of communication that really confirms everything. Note, that by everything it means that everything you speak, can easily be backed by your solid body movements.

If you tell someone that you are calm, but you are constantly fidgeting and clenching your fists, then it becomes hard to sell this point.

#5 Keep It Mysterious

Don't overshare! One way people throw an opportunity is by giving away too much, especially on the first instant they start flirting.


Just remember if you play all your cards at the first chance you get, then you will have no cards left for the second time of a meeting. Keep the person guessing, that way they will be more interested in 'uncovering' your 'mysteries.'

#6 Use Polite Language

Pay attention to your date's sensitivity and don't just jump to dirty talk online even before you agree on a first or second date.

It is why you should ease your way by getting to know more about her first. If you must get nasty, then adding humor to the conversation would be a great way to pull it off.

man knwing all the ways to avoid rejection
The realms of keeping it simple will bring you where you want to!

#7 Exude Confidence

Confidence is sexy, and it can sell anything. When you are confident, it even makes it difficult for people to say no.

If you want something and you are confident, then it pushes you the extra mile to get it, a trait that is not very common.

#8 Do Not Go Overboard

Keep in mind, that within the realms of keeping it simple, your level of simplicity might not be the same as someone else's whether financially or sexually. Perhaps your sexuality is on the wild side and dirty chat is more of basics to you.


For your flirt, however, it might be overwhelming and they would probably have hoped for someone whose conversation is more in line with interests and hobbies.

#9 Listen

It takes two to flirt, otherwise we would all indulge and talk for countless hours as we converse with ourselves over a mirror. Since it is a form of dialogue, your people skills should be on point because you should be willing to give the other person a chance for their input.

It is easier to do this by listening because you will also pick up on something that you can use to further the conversation as well.

#10 Ensure There Is Rationale in Your Dialogue

While flirting, use rationale by taking everything is a smooth and systematic pace to avoid explaining yourself. By this, it means that flirting should be simple and natural, where everything is self-explanatory.

When you delve out of this bracket by either going too fast or making huge recommendations and demands, then you will be in an awkward position to constantly explain them, which kills the vibe.

#11 Avoid Clumsiness

You need to sell yourself as a person of worth and as such it does not help if you are flirting while portraying a level of carelessness or clumsiness.

Showing irresponsibility or immaturity is a major turnoff and will lead to people severing ties as fast as possible.

#12 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

How is this so? Well, flirting is a step by step process of dialogue, and you mostly have to wait your turn before speaking on anything. Speak too soon and you may say something based on how you see the other person, maybe by their dress code, and make a statement that might be wrong and offensive.

lady rejecting totally a guy
Showing irresponsibility or immaturity is a major turnoff!

#13 Be Yourself

Keep in mind that you are selling yourself to the person, so don't package yourself as something you are not.

If your flirt falls for a sporting enthusiast while in the real sense you dislike sports, then there will be a conflict of fun activities to do, or what hobbies to engage in.

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