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Helpful 11 Tips on How to Flirt Using Emojis

It’s quite impressive to see how the simple keyboard smiley that first became popular in the early internet chat rooms has paved the way for hundreds of cute, little representations of everything; the food, animals, items, not to mention a pile of smiling poop.

group of friends learning to flirt using emojis
Perhaps you’re wondering how to go about flirting with emojis.

If you’re creative enough, crafting an entire sentence using emoji-only should not be a problem. The latest technology has made dating quite easy; one has plenty of tools to help them get to whatever it is he or she is after.

Hence, whether you’re looking to have a casual hookup, or you’re interested in something more serious, you’re sure to get a valid connection using the dating apps.

When it comes to using emoji, there’s a wide variety to choose from.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to go about flirting with a woman you’re interested in. Don’t panic! Below is a handy guide on how to flirt with emoji.

#1 Get the Job Done with a Few Occasional Smileys

When flirting using emoji, you don’t have to overdo it. A few random emoji will get the job done. Most if not all women will tell you that less is more.

Hence, don’t spoil the only chance you have to look sexy, use emoji and make her crave for you all day, every day.

#2 Be Mindful of the Tongue Emoji

Of course, the tongue emoji is among the most common smileys used during flirting. When used in the right way, tongue emoji are sexy. However, not all girls enjoy looking at the tongue emoji.

Hence, you might want to check if your woman loves how you use the tongue emoji when flirting with her online.

#3 Take Advantage of the Emoji Features on Dating Apps

Some dating apps have a set of emoji functionalities. Getting familiar with the type of emoji used in these sites can be worthwhile. One gets an opportunity to learn how to use emoji when flirting with the spouse properly.

#4 Avoid Becoming the Emoji Guy

Moderation is vital when using emoji to flirt a woman you’re really into. When one excessively expresses himself using emoji, girls refer to him as the emoji guy. She’ll love talking to you, not that she’s into you, but she’ll treat you as an exciting emoji guy and nothing more!

Quite frustrating, right?

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#5 You’ve Got to Ignore the Recommendations on Smartphones

Of course, smartphones have developed to help. However, ignoring the emoji recommendation can be worthwhile. While an emoji might be meaning something, you might find your spouse misinterpreting it.

man using the tips to flirt using emojis
Don’t need to place an emoji in every single message.

You’ve got to get it right here!

#6 Make Sure Your Cadence Matches Your Partner’s Rhythm

While there seems to be plenty of ground rules controlling the use of emoji to flirt, you’ve got to take some cues from the lady you’re flirting with. Perhaps you’ve logged into online sex chat to hook up women for sex.

That’s alright.

How about taking some time to study her emoji use? When you match her emoji use, you’ll not only flirt with her but also win her. Otherwise, you might bombard her with emoji surpassing her acceptable threshold and blow the one chance you had to win her heart.

#7 Avoid Using Emoji in Every Message

As mentioned earlier, striking the right balance is the key to effective flirting using emoji. Well, while a guy is advised to use emoji when texting the girls, proper use of emoji will get the job done.

Hence, you don’t need to place an emoji in every single message you’re sending her. How about trying one after every 3 to 4 words? The partner will love and enjoy the natural use of smileys.

#8 Try Using Less Common Emoji

Flirting using the emoji is a creative way of winning over someone. However, ladies seem to have special attention for guys who use less common smileys. For instance, you don’t have to use the usual waving guy emoji when a woman sends you a waving lady emoji.

How about trying one out of the ordinary? Throw her the lion smiley; she’ll laugh and love how you’ve made the conversation interesting.

#9 Learn to Understand Your Woman

Needless to say, there are hundreds of different emoji that feature various themes. Sometimes, the lady might not necessarily be referring to the sexual foreplay, at times, women will use emoji to show you what they’re hungry for.

For instance, when she sends you a cup of coffee, a pizza, or even a birthday cake, she’s referring to having a romantic cuisine or dinner with you. Interpreting it her way gives you a better chance to win her attention!


Next time you’ll be planning for a date, or romantic dinner, suggest to her the food you plan to use on that day using emoji.

#10 Use Emoji When Complimenting Her

Perhaps you were out on a date or went out for a movie and have seen her off to her apartment, complimenting her later can be worthwhile. Adding in an emoji add emphasis to the compliment.

Try out the face with heart-shaped eyes, the kissing face, or even the blushing face when describing how amazing she was. Of course, use of emoji looks more of a girls thing.

However, throwing a smiley as an extra effort to impress her can be worthwhile.

Trust me; she’ll notice and smile about it.

#11 Use of Emoji for Arousal

Well, men are fond of asking their partners what they’re putting on; probably to tease and bring up sexual arousal. Either way, a woman is better placed to answer him with emoji creatively.

Hence, most of them throw back a sneak peek or even the clothing emoji such as the heels, mini dress, or the bikini.

emojis to text with
Flirting with emojis bring you to a adventure!

Flirting with emoji can be quite an adventure. Hence, if you’re planning to start using them, you’ve got first to download and install a keyboard that has emoji. Then enable the emoji at the Settings menu.

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You’re now able to access emoji and use them when texting not to mention the social media platforms. Hence, if you have something sexy and flirty to tell someone, go ahead and pull out a smile that takes the message home.

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